How to use your mic when gaming

When I started gaming I occasionally used a voice program called Roger Wilco during games with friends from (a site that in it’s day was very popular but is pretty much dead now). It was useful for working as a team. Now, many moons later, in game communication is de riguer – aided and abetted by broadband technologies.

Unfortunately there is always a downside to technology – mainly when it is used by people who don’t know, or don’t care how to use it properly.

Here’s what in-game comms are for:
1 – communicating with your team. Letting others know where the enemy are and what you are doing about it.
2 – in free-for-all games pissing off your opponents so that they make stupid mistakes which allow you to rack up the kills.
3 – see #1

That’s it. Well, it should be – as long as you set your mic up properly. Check your settings people – an incoherent load of static or overdriven screech does not make for good communication. If you check your mic level and it goes in the red, it’s no good. If your levels register everytime there is a sound in the game, it’s no good – everyone already has the in game sound, they don’t need to hear a bad quality slightly delayed version.

So here’s what most people use their mics for:

1 – so that everyone can hear them singing along to their shitty selection of crap pop tracks
2 – so that everyone can hear them abuse/be abused by others in their household
3 – so they can whinge about everything that happens to people who don’t care
4 – so they can commentate every move they make in game (which means you can’t actually hear anything important that’s happening – like enemy footsteps/gunfire/claymore planting etc).
5 – they just put it on because it’s there and all you can hear is breathing (creepy).
6 – static. I don’t know either……

Because over 90% of people I encounter online tend to fit one, some or all of above I had to take action. I don’t like to talk – I don’t like people much (yes, that probably includes you – but at least I’m honest) and so in general I wouldn’t use a mic. Unfortunately, the only way to banish the noise makers in Modern Warfare 2 is to add a mic so that all their bullshit goes to that instead of blasting out of my speakers in a tinny mess of screaming static.

Yes, I know I could use the mute option. But it gets tedious having to mute everyone that joins the game or lobby when the turn over of players is so high – I was spending more time muting than I was shooting the enemy in the face – and I don’t play the game to mute people.

So here’s the crux – if you see me online, you’ll see the mic/speaker icon next to my name. You can try talking to me, but you won’t get a response. I’m not ignoring you, it’s just that my headset is eight foot away.

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