Host Migration – aka host rage quit :(

So, host migration. It’s a fantastic concept. The random host is having a bad beat down and rage quits, the game intelligently picks the next best host and the game carries on. No one notices and the world keeps on turning. Except that’s not entirely accurate – especially here in the UK.

When the host chucks his controller at the screen and throws their console out of the window the host migration screen pops up, does a bit of counting, then chucks us back to the lobby, and then declares “Lobby Closed!”………lolwut!?

Okay, let’s check what IW say about it:
Infinity Ward’s host migration page

So the jist is that it’s not them, it’s us. It’s all our fault because the only reason it would fail is because none of us have an open NAT router. For this, m’laud I would like to declare bullshit. In my previous life I worked as technical support for NTL which is the largest cable supplier in the UK (BT provides ADSL). I know that many gamers have the following set up – games console > modem > internet. No router, no firewall as there is no need. And all the other gamers either use UPnP or DMZ for their console on a NAT router. Also, the average broadband connection speed in the UK is 4meg down and 512kb up (upto 20meg is marketing bullshit – you’re not going to get that, the infrastructure is not available to support it).

I use UPnP and funnily enough my NAT is open and shows as open in MW2 (‘cuz I pays attenshun 2 stuff). Take that on average 60% of peeps in a lobby also pay attention that would mean that 6 in every 10 players have the “optimum” connection settings for the game. So how can the lobby be closed, there were 8-10 people playing why couldn’t one of the others host? WHY COULDN’T I HOST?! Oh, yeah, that’s right, because I was the one that rage quit……nah, joking, I never rage quit.

My main issue with it is that it only seems to happen when I’m doing well – and that is so rare that it really yanks my chain fo’sho! Oh and another thing, if you’re using the One Man Army perk (like I do when I feel like being a complete douche) and host migration kicks in mid kit change you get stuck with the rucksack and no weapons. You can’t change kit you’re just there with the kit bag and your knife……aaaarrrgh!

So, here are some host migration fails – all stolen fair and square from YouTube (props to the uploaders, I love you all in a brotherly non-sexual way)

And the worst possible epic fail, get the nuke, call the nuke, RAGE QUIT, game begone!

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