How to make your Barrett 50cal into a peashooter

I recently concentrated on sniping in order to unlock all the ghillie suits – you have to get 300 one shot kills for the achievement. So my weapon of choice was the Barrett. Now I know that MW2 is just a game, but they have put some “realistic” bits and pieces in making it the most realistic in the series.

Being from the UK I don’t know that much about guns since anything more dangerous than a butter knife is heavily legislated. But I watch MTV so I know that guns are what rappers use to kill people with. Some players of MW2 are major gun geeks, the one that springs to mind is Wings of Redemption whose YouTube channel can be found here. He blethers on about the guns in the game, where they’re made, their history, who uses them, how successful they are etc. He really is encyclopaedic on the subject and he’s a major league MW2 player. But I digress. So my gun knowledge consists of what countries use which guns and whether they are single, burst or automatic fire. But I do know my sniper rifles.

So here’s the thing, the Barrett. .50cal. 2 kilometre range. In real life if you get hit pretty much anywhere by that you are dead, or losing a limb. There’s no arguing with the facts. If you’re not familiar with the stats you can find some info here. Okay, it wouldn’t be fair to have a gun that kills with one shot from across the map every time you were on target in a game, so if you’re not using the Stopping Power perk you need to hit above chest height which is not usually a problem.

Now when you’re going for the achievements for the Barrett there’s one where you need to use the silencer – even though you cannot get a silencer for the Barrett (but then again you cannot get silencers for shotguns or MLGs in RL either). Anyway it suited me fine as I don’t like giving my position away (Ninja Pro and Cold Blooded eight days a week baby!). I was happily giving it a go until I was playing TDM on Invasion. I tend to stick to the outskirts as most snipers do and had made my way round to the two storey sand coloured building in the compound and had just gotten into the window that looks down the street where the tank is. The next thing one of the other team spawned in the road right below me (high five to IW for that) but he didn’t move – he was obviously making a sandwich. So not wanting to miss the opportunity, nor risk him turning around and shooting me in the face I lined up my silenced Barrett to the centre of the back of his head.

In game terms he was about 15 metres away so well within the Barrett’s 2 kilometre range – in fact a shot fired would still be accelerating at that distance. I pulled the trigger and WHAMMO!……hit marker (no Painkiller, just the hit marker). Wut!? You’ve got to be kidding me! A headshot for one should ALWAYS be fatal, two a headshot from a Barrett at 15 metres should be more than fatal, it should cause so much damage that it gives your grandkids migraines for life. I waited for the Barrett to calm down and fired again – another hit marker!? On the third shot he actually died. So, three .50 cal shots to the back of the head from close range……unbelievable. At the end of the game the silencer came off. Until I’m ready to put Stopping Power on, it can stay off.

Which brings me on to the petition put up by Optic Gaming. I don’t know that much about them other than Hutch used be in their squad and they are a sniper clan/gang/group thing. But anyway, they’ve set up a petition to IW wanting the sniper rifle damage increased to one shot kill. I think that should only be the case for upper body shots, but the it’s the thought that counts.

Here’s a link to the petition itself

And here’s an explanatory video for the hard of learning:

Peas and loaves.

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