I Hate My Team

At the moment there a number of vids on YouTube for MW2 loosely related to the topic of hating their team. Although strictly speaking it’s not about hating your team, because in order to have a team you all have to work together rather than simply be on the same side. I could use some political examples right now, but you know what, politics and gaming don’t mix – even if it does allow for some great analogies. Plus most people don’t like politics. If you are a gamer, and do like politics then leave a comment whether or not you’d like to read some more indepth analysis over the usual “w00t headshot” type posts.

Anyway – the issue is not hating the other people who happen to be on your side. The main issue is that the other people on your side make your job more difficult. Your job in the game is to get kills and not get killed. Every time you die you allow the other side get one step closer to winning (this applies more to TDM rather than Domination – but is especially true in Search and Destroy).

Usually I avoid my team as much as possible – there’s no relevant comms anyway so what they’re doing is pretty unimportant as long as they are abiding by the Two Commandments: get kills, don’t get killed. Now my two main perks are Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro which means that I don’t show up on radar, heart beat sensor and am pretty much silence (unless the other side is using Sit Rep Pro). There are two problems I have.

Occasionally I’ll end up either with a shadow – which happens on those rare occasions when I get incredibly lucky and like totally pwnerz the other team – or happen to be headed in the same direction as an orphaned team mate. We round a corner and kablammmmoooo I get wasted by an ACR with heart beat sensor – except I don’t show up on heart beat sensor. The other guy was targeting my shadow, but I got there first! Ok, big deal, I’m dead – my team mate will surely avenge me……9 times out of 10 no they do not. They either run for it or end up as hamburger as well. Graaaah!

Okay that’s slightly annoying and easily rectified by just not going anywhere near my teammates – which is what I normally do. But when the opposing team crack out some Killstreak reward I am left face palming in disbelief as the same names pop up on the screen being killed by a sentry gun/harrier/pavelow/AC130. Bloody hell people – what’s the problem? It’s not rocket science – STAY INSIDE UNTIL THE REWARD EXPIRES – it’s only about 40 seconds at most! Or if you do get splattered across the map, respawn with cold blooded on, or even better, respawn with an Anti-Air class and take out the Kill Streak reward.

When I see my team being decimated I fall on my own nade/claymore and respawn with my own Anti-Air class which consists of an LMG, Stinger, Scavenger Pro, Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro and take out the air support. If there’s a sentry gun I just run up to it and take it out with the knife. I’m such a hero, I deserve a medal.

The problem is that most players only care about their own stats. If I cared about my K/D spread I wouldn’t be so quick to kill myself in order to save my team. It’s annoying to see the end score board where the top guy on the “team” has a 19 – 2 – 22, I’ll have 10 – 0 – 2 or something and we lost – why? Because Mr Topspot broke the Second Commandment – Thou Shalt Die. When there are only 75 kills needed to get victory and one guy is giving up about a quarter of that amount then you have a pretty dumb teammate – go play Domination dumbass!

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