Map evolution

The first time I played Wasteland I thought to myself “Hello,” (because I always greet myself first) “this all very familiar this is like the map in the original Call of Duty that I was playing all those years ago on the PC…. But I couldn’t remember the name of it.

It wasn’t exactly the same, in the original map there wasn’t a big ass helicopter sitting there, there were no tanks littering the field and there were extra buildings. Looking around the intertubes people were saying “Hey, this map is a remake of a map from CoD2” but I never played that one so I couldn’t comment. But I did remember the original map which was called Brecourt.

Based on a map from the game where you had to destroy a load of 88s it was horrendously open with a mounted MG42 at the top end where the mini gun is by the skip. If your team spawned at the bottom end and you had no cohesion you were pretty much screwed. Because the map was so open it was a sniper’s paradise, only a fool ran about with a machine gun. It quickly became a sniper’s map.

Now the layout was pretty much the same as Wasteland with the big hedge up the middle, but the new version is much more balanced – like all the maps in MW2 no one play type can dominate the whole map due to obstacles and terrain. On Wasteland there are certain places that can be pretty sure there will be snipers and everywhere else you get your usual mix of gun whores.

So here are the three maps – although it would seem that Wasteland is a remake of whatever the CoD2 map was called it is obvious that the CoD2 map is based off Brecout and addresses some of the failings that turned it into a sniper heaven:

Brecourt (Call of Duty)

Brecourt - Call of Duty

Call of Duty 2 map

Call of Duty 2 map

Call of Duty 2

And finally – Wasteland – Call of Duty 6 (Modern Warfare 2)

Wasteland MW2


Props to the peeps who put those pics up originally.

Peas and loaves.

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