Wings of Redemption alienates subscribers

If you’ve come to this post via F1st’s channel, then you should be aware of two things – 1: F1st is a hypocrite who thinks he’s a wit (when he is only half of one) and, 2: Wings didn’t hurt my feelings as F1st assumed. I couldn’t give a toss about him (either of them). I unsubscribed because I had had enough of his unnecessary bullshit douchery – I thought that would be clear to anyone with a tiny amount of intelligence (ah…. that explains it).

Unsubscribing from Wings of Redemption

Unsubscribing from Wings of Redemption

So I unsubscribed from Wings of Redemption on YouTube as the above picture testifies. Now Wings of Redemption (WoR from now on) is a great player and knows his shizzle from his nizzle drizzle so why would I do such a thing? Well it’s because of this:

And the description:
“Want me to Press yes on your friend Request?

2+ K/d
1 + w/l
A microphone
over the age of 18
A message letting me know this
No lisp and Prefer American Decent. ”

So here’s my problem with WoR:

1 – publicly rejecting a load of people for no real reason.
2 – discrimination.
3 – not being able to spell.
4 – basically being REALLY disrespectful to his “fans”

When it comes down to it, he puts up his videos for the kudos, so when people see his name they send him Friend Requests – it’s like fan mail. Can you imagine if some star made a video of theirself ripping up unopened fan mail and then saying to camera, “look kids, I only want to hear from you if you’re over 18, are hot, from America, and don’t write in crayon….”? There would be uproar.

If WoR wanted to say to people “Look guys, I get a load of FR and I haven’t got the space/time to sift through them all so please, don’t add me so that you won’t be disappointed if I don’t respond etc” then that would have been infinitely better. Looking at the comments on the vid he’s pissed a load of people off with the way he’s done it.

I don’t FR the people who upload gaming videos because for the most part they’re either in the US or on Xbox both of which would make gaming with them extremely difficult. And those that are in Europe are either waaaay out of my league or play at times when I won’t be online.

I watched a dual commentary with tejbz and theMoodieSwede the other day and one of the guys in the game sent theMoodieSwede a message saying “I can’t believe I’m playing in the same game as you…” – how awesome is that! TMS was really pleased to have had the recognition. And that’s the way it should be. So come on guys, if you’re going to put yourself on the Internet, you’re going to get people sending you FRs. You’re also going to get haters, but you know what – just show some respect. It costs nothing, and goes a long way.

p.s. it’s ‘descent’ not ‘decent’ – dumbass.

*EDIT* – the description for the video now reads: “I no longer accept friend requests.”.

**EDIT 14-02-10**
Even though I’ve unsubscribed from WoR YouTube seems intent on giving me random WoR vids in my subscription view – even vids I’ve already seen. Well, since it was prompting me, it’s obviously a sign from a higher intelligence for me to include this video too. Perhaps when you hate the game, you hate the people who play the game too?

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