Clans – insert amusing tagline here

First off I don’t have an issue with clans. We’d all be playing free for all if it wasn’t for the herd instinct. But I have a question…..what exactly do clans get out of playing on public servers against non-clan “teams”? Nothing makes me back out of a lobby faster than the sight of a load of identical clan tags. Actually there is something that makes me back out quicker – a load of clan tags with mics.

I tend to play a lot of Mercenary team death match for that very reason as most other team modes seem to be full of clan players – or rather, half full if you catch my drift. Can a clan actually claim the complete rapage of a group of disparate strangers as a success? There’s no test of skill to go steaming around a map enmasse calling out positions to each other with no effective opposition.

Here’s some analogies:

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

Shooting fish in a barrel

Shooting fish in a barrel

Falling off a log

Falling off a log

Taking candy from a baby

Taking candy from a baby

The road to Basra February 26–27, 1991 – No picture for that one, but if you know about it (or are old enough to remember it) you don’t need an illustration to get the point.

Those who aren’t in a clan tend to use the clan tag to either identify themselves, either what they do or where they’re from, or as a form of abuse. Oh, seeing the tags FUCK, SHIT, TWAT and CUNT never gets old. Everytime I see someone with those tags it just makes me want to be their BFF!!!11!!!1! There are two clan tags that make me block a player – those are IRA and BNP. I don’t know if these people think they are being funny or think it makes them more than they are but I don’t want to be in the same lobby as them. Wow, that was fairly negative, but I think it has to be said. I don’t care what your personal politics are – just play the goddamned game! Your tag only shows up in the lobby anyway. That sort of shit is incompatible with gaming as far as I’m concerned. But on a positive note, it does take a lot of personal strength to be an arsehole online as well as offline.

I don’t tend to use the clan tag thingy – I did have it set to [DAVE] for a while but for some reason it disappeared and I can’t be bothered to put it back.

I’m going to shoot some peeps in the face now (on MW2 – not in some spree killing at the local shopping centre).

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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