YouTube MW2 Video Peeps

If you’re new to Modern Warefare 2 and are looking for gameplay tips, or amusing commentary over great MW2 gameplay then you can’t really get any better than YouTube for it. I’ve got a number of subscriptions to the more popular peeps on there which I’m going to list. If you know of some other good players/commentators who are uploading then please leave a comment to their link. They don’t have to be beast players, or particular player types, I like to see people having fun with the game and having a positivity in their commentating (I don’t like people who constantly complain about other players).

Anyway – the list:

They’re not in any order of preference – that’s how they’re listed in my YouTube account.


Addition to the list as suggested by Donncha. This isn’t quite the usual commentary but rather a guy who started posting videos of how awful he was at MW2. I’m fairly confident that he’s not as bad as he makes out anymore, but he’s having fun with the game and does some sketches and bits and pieces with a couple of personas he’s adopted.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube MW2 Video Peeps

  1. I’m subbed to SeaNanners and I’m well aware of Wings and his last video. The dangers of becoming famous on Youtube. That said, others haven’t taken such a hard stance against their subscribers.

    Have you ever watched the Ken Burton Show? Funny guy from the UK who posts some entertaining videos!

    • Hi Donncha – I’ve seen the Ken Burton vids, the early ones were better when they seemed more genuine. I’m not so into him now that he seems to be going off as those side characters he does. Seems like he’s trying too hard to be popular on Machinima and has lost direction a bit. But, you’re right, it’s something that maybe people would like to see and definitely falls in my criteria of having fun with the game.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – much appreciated.

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