Cheap Kills in the house

I hit and then maxed out level 70 last night – mainly thanks to the AK47 (beast of a gun). And rather than jump into prestige and possibly make the worst decision in gaming I’ve created a second account as a bit of a mess about. Mainly to see if I could handle going back to level and not having any perks or weapons, and to allow me to have mess about doing stupid stuff like running around with the riot shield, or camping with C4.

I’ll look forward to mucking about on Karachi and Terminal especially. They are two maps that I just can’t seem to do well on. The new psn is CheapKills so feel free to add that as well as my usual id – evaDlivE.

It’ll be interesting if going back to level 1 will help me improve at MW2, or just show how much of a nooby booby I am.

Long live the noobs!

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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