Okay, I Rage Quit Too…

I’m not proud to admit it, but sometimes, to preserve sanity you need to quit the game. It was fairly ragey (if that’s even a word) too. I was playing last night, and I tend to flit from lobby to lobby until I find a game that works – that is I have good connection and the players are roughly my level of crappiness.

I was getting fed up of the Mercenary TDM games because it’s the weekend which seems to be when the uber-1337 players come online to trounce us mere mortals. So I thought I’d pop into Domination.

I don’t particularly like joining a game part way through (especially if I’m on the losing team) as it takes me a minute to get my bearings and work out where everyone is at – my team and opposition alike. So being spawn killed ticked me off just a little bit. But after the third time that was it for me. The other team must have just been running around the map spraying like the world was going to end because it didn’t matter where I spawned a guy would immediately run around the corner and spray me before I would even work out where I was on the map.

So I did the honourable thing, the correct thing, the right thing – RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE QUITTTTTTT!

On a positive note, I reached level 70, unlocked the AK47 and did some major damage with that bad boy. Interestingly, it seemed to take ages to go from level 68 to 70, but I’ve already maxed out level 70…..perhaps a cynical ploy to get me to prestige? No! I will be strong, I will resist the dark side! But I am going to create a new account, I think I’ll call it CheapKills or something – sums up my playing style *happy face*.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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