My First and Last MW2 YouTube Video

I’ve been messing with the idea of recording some of my Modern Warfare 2 gameplay because I’m so awesome at the game I thought it would make a change for people to see an ordinary average player rather than the usual beasted ownage that you see from players like Hutch, SeaNanners, czeko92, theMOODIEswede, tjeb and all the other brilliant players out there.

Anyway, I’d looked at different ways of doing it and as I already had a Dazzle adapter thingy for a video camera I cobbled together a splitter cable. Which was fine except it meant playing in non-HD, and the computer didn’t like the set up. So I went cross-eyed and the PC had a fit.

The next thing was using the video camera to record directly from the screen – a cam, as it were. Again this was fine except for a couple of things:

  • flicker from the screen, it’s a 50hz plasma screen and the slowest shutter speed on the camera is 1/50th so that was unavoidable.
  • Because I was using headphones to play and couldn’t be bothered to make an audio splitter cable there was no actual in game sound
  • Connected directly to the PC I could only get 5 minutes footage before the camera shuts down
  • Couldn’t get the whole screen in without getting a massive border

I made a quick intro bit and stuck some music on it. I avoided the usual Drowning Pool or LaRoux that seems to be popular at the moment and went for something more fitting to my gameplay. It was the first (and only game) I played last night and when I joined the team were already losing. It was on Afghan and I chose my sniper class as I prefer to go sniping on this map. My secondary was the PP2000 which I’ve only just started using and by golly it’s a beast of a gun.

One mistake I made was forgetting that I had claymores equipped which meant that the twice a grenade would have been infinitely more useful I stood in the open and brazenly planted a claymore (although later on it did alert me to the position of the enemy).

And here it is (although not available in Germany due to WMG restrictions):
*UPDATE 08-05-2010- Now not available anywhere due to a copyright strike on my channel)*

I’m not going to make anymore videos for the forseeable future, not because it was difficult, but because I’m not happy with the end quality from the camera set up. But if anyone has an HD PVR that they don’t want I’ll take it off their hands for zero monies (you don’t ask you don’t get).

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

8 thoughts on “My First and Last MW2 YouTube Video

  1. I’ve done the same with a Flip Mino behind me. I toyed with the idea of an audio splitter with ear buds to tape on the side of the camera as there’s no audio in but haven’t got around to that yet.

    Nice game, totally different to the way I play, I run around the whole map a bit more and have hardly ever used a sniper rifle. Doesn’t help my KDR much though.

    • If it had turned out better I would have commentated it to explain why I was doing some of the things I did, like why I shot the barrels and how I heard the second guy coming along the top as I went to go down the stairs. But instead I decided it would be better as a quick video zooming through all the boring bits where I’m not doing much other than sound whoring and checking the radar as the three guys at the “Oh shit!” moment were running around the map together, just steaming it.

      What’s the quality on the Flip Mino like? I was using my trusty old Panasonic NV-DX110 – it’s about 10 years old, but still out performs many cameras today due to it’s 3CCD setup (except for the 1/50th shutter speed).

      I’ve only recently started using the sniper rifle as an exclusive class – I used to only equipment to go against other snipers, and only on certain maps as I’m no good at no-scoping and quick scoping. The only map that I run around is Skidrow – I have a route I run with a shotgun. And KDR be damned. The day that KDR gets you anywhere in life will be the day it becomes important.

      You should get some footage together and upload it, it’d be good to see some alternative game play.

  2. The Mino is HD and the quality is ok. The one I have is NTSC and I live in Ireland(PAL) but flicker wasn’t a problem on my LCD monitor. I’m guessing it records at 29 or 24 fps where the game I think runs at 60fps.

    I’ll have to record a few more games soon, hopefully when my streak of bad games ends!

    • Do what everyone else does – edit all the kills together, put Drowning Pool as the audio and label it as a montage. Or if you’re doing particularly badly there’s always the “How not to do it”/Ken Burton route.

      I think right now there’s an opening for “normal” gameplay, especially amongst the more mature gamers.

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  5. Ouch. So you can’t upload anything any more there? Hope they clear things up. They have to have efficient systems for dealing with copyright infringement, it happens all the time so I’m sure it’ll all turn out ok sooner rather than later.

    • It’s not as severe as that. They have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy so the only difference is that I now only have two “legitimate” strikes remaining.

      The thing that’s pissed me off though is that I KNOW my other videos walked the line of copyright infringement, but the Copyright strike was on a vid that I believed was legit! Boohoo, listen to me crying…..

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