The [KEN] Campaign update (quickie)

Okay, quick post. First off, Ying and Yang – and people are picking sides, however it seems that more people are flocking to the nice side rather than rolling up to doucheville. However, it would seem that Wings of Redemption is plumbing new depths of douchebaggery by calling Ken Burton and Junkyard129 out……and then making those videos private when he realises the hornets nest he’s stirred up (or is that the amount of people unsubbing from him are posing a threat to his coveted Machinima contract?). He’s even gone as far as to incite people to use the acronym WING as their gamertag.

In case you weren’t aware, the [KEN] tag stands for:

but classy as ever, [WING] stands for:
Gaming (or Gamers)

Unfortunately, since Wings of Redemption has put his douchery to private I can’t link to his vitriol. I also admit that I haven’t actually seen what was said, but I did ask around as there were numerous comments referring to it and one user informed me:

yeah so in the video he basically calls out Ken and his campaign, and he calls out Junkyard129. Also, in retaliation to KEN, he started WING, which stands for We Inspire Nasty Gamers.

The thing I don’t get is that if you want to be a douche and trash talk then why don’t all the douches get together and douche each other out? I think the Xbox360 gaming zone and game matching system has a lot to answer for in this. When I was using my 360 online the zone ‘Underground’ specifically said it was for people who like to trash talk. Now that seems to be carte blanche to be a douche – you can say “but I’m in the Underground Zone man, that’s what it’s for!”. Except that the player matching system does not work (or at least didn’t when I was using it) which meant that despite being a ‘Casual Zone’ player I was always lumped in with the Underground muppets. But I digress. I game to have fun, not to abuse other people, be abused or see/hear other people being abused.

Here’s Junkyard129’s video response to Ken’s campaign – and I still don’t understand why people would find it fun to abuse others.

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “The [KEN] Campaign update (quickie)

  1. I left a comment on Ken’s video offering my support but I can see if you were a cynical b*stard it’d be easy to mock Ken about this campaign.

    It’s a shame he ever needed to do this, there are always the idiots who overreact.

    • I put my tag on there also.

      The thing is, you’re not going to stop the arseholes – they are a feature of the internet. I think the main point of the Ken Campaign is to let the arseholes know that you’re not going to give them the attention they crave. But not just muting them as soon as encountering them, but having the balls to say to the other people in the lobby/game: “Look guys, this guy is not worth listening to. I’m muting him, do yourselves a favour, mute him too and enjoy the game”.

      But we’ll see. There are more pro comments than anti and maybe the time is right for more white hats in cyberspace than the usual greys.

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