Enough of the Wings vs Ken rubbish!

Pretty much as the title says.

I’ve had a spike of hits on this blog over the past couple of days. Now this blog is new, I’m new to blogging and to be honest I don’t think it’s particularly well written or coherent in places so an increase in views makes me think that something is up. And it is:

Search Terms for this Blog

Search Terms for this Blog

I appreciate everyone who chances upon my ramblings and takes the time to wade through an entire post (that shows true grit and determination). But it makes me sad that the whole issue of whether to play nice, or be an abusive puke is getting so much search time. The internet is not the real world, but what happens in cyberspace can have a knock on effect to real life – and how you are in real life is generally a reflected by your attitudes online.

I could understand the knocking of Ken’s campaign if he was asking for money, or gifts, or adoration….or anything. But he’s not, he doesn’t even ask that you wear the [KEN] tag, the only thing he asks is to have a bit of respect and have fun…..is that so wrong? Well obviously WoR thinks so. But there we are, respect breeds respect and WoR has none to grow.

As OnlyUseMeBlade puts it in this video about YouTube commentating – if you’re a douchebag in real life, it’ll come across in your videos:

Although the whole Modern Warfare 2 and FPS games in general are based on killing the other team – you don’t have to be an arsehole about it. The aim of the game is winning, not to be the biggest douche.

I’m not posting any more on this topic. Yup, page views are cool, but I’d rather have visitors for the right reasons.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Enough of the Wings vs Ken rubbish!

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