Hauppage, Wings v Ken and Magnum – Tactical Knife Combo

Another relative quicky. Not like a speedy aunty, or a fast and loose brother, a quick update post (although I’m pretty sure blogs are meant to be quick, but I tend to go all War and Peace with my point).


Hauppage –
I’m selling my surfboard to fund it. I’ve got some pennies squirrelled away but at this rate it’ll be 2036 by the time I can buy one. I have actually always been kind of jealous of people who record their gameplay, right from the start on the PC when people used FRAPS with varying levels of success. I never had a machine powerful enough to run a game and FRAPS so this is my chance to join the elite and share my success fails with all of you while I completely own get killed by the other team. I’ve created a little image that I’ll put at the bottom of my posts to show my saving progress. Hopefully I should get enough for the surfboard to allow me to get the Hauppage sooner rather than later. Here’s the graphic I’ll be using in case you get distracted by a funny cat video before the end of the post:

The Hauppage Fund

The Hauppage Fund

Wings v Ken –
Didn’t play any Modern Warfare 2 last night as I was making the Wings of Redemption vs Ken Burton SHOWDOWN! vid. The video has had a relatively warm response, Ken Burton and Junkyard129 taking the time to positively comment on it, which was nice. Apparently Darth Douchebag sounds like Adam Sandler, and that’s because he heard about Ken’s campaign, his people got in touch with my people and he flew all the way over here on the back of a giant eagle to record the voice for me. Not really, but it makes a good story. There was one person who down rated the video, and I have a feeling I know who it was, but I’m not going to say. However, I did pop along to Wings of Redemption’s channel and there are A LOT of comments on there about him one starring Ken Burton and Junkyard videos. So I blocked him from my channel, just in case. And just checking now, I’m back up to a 5 star rating – wierd….

If you’re wondering what’s going on then the saga can be found:
Here – Wings of Redemption’s initial journey to Doucheville
Here – Clean up gaming with Ken
Here – good vs evil, will Douche Vader triumph over Obi Ken?

Magnum/Tactical Knife Combo –
Although I’ve enjoyed getting over 200 kills with the First Recon class, I’m a little disappointed that upon reaching level 26 (the level you unlock the Magnum) I found that you DON’T get the tactical knife…… in fact none of your kills with that class count. GGGRRRAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I could have levelled up some assault rifles, or even done some work with the USP pistol. So I’m not sure whether I misunderstood what OnlyUseMeBlade was talking about in his video, or whether to just take him off the Christmas card list anyway. I think it’s my fault – he was probably meaning that after you unlock the Magnum, then use the First Recon class.

So that’s it for the night. I’m off to shoot some more people in the face.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

The Hauppage Fund

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