The Invincible Commando

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (also known as CoD6) there is a perk/ability called Commando. I’ve watched The Discovery Channel and know for a fact that real commandos don’t wear underpants, and can wipe their bums with a single sheet of toilet paper. Although double hard and twice as tough I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere that commandos have some sort of supernatural shield that makes them impervious to bullets coupled with the ability to lunge forward an impossible distance to stab their enemy in the face.

In game, and it is a game so reality may be suspended at any time, if someone is shooting me then I basically can’t do anything unless I’m already shooting them and get a lucky hit in. However, if I’m shooting someone else and they have commando equipped they are mysteriously able to ignore the incoming hit markers and stab me to derff!

I don’t have a problem with commando as such. I use it on some of my classes to reduce fall damage (and so that I can lunge at someone from across the map when the sniper rifle failed to do the job). There are many people who complain about commando and call is ‘nooby’ (that old chestnut) or ‘cheap’ (the new ‘noob’), but just like everything else that people complain about in game they only complain about it when it doesn’t work for them. But, to a certain extent I agree that there is a problem with it.

The problem isn’t the lunging. It’s the invincibility of it. It would be more acceptable if the Commando Lunge only worked if you haven’t taken any damage, or at the very least are not in the process of being riddled with bullets. For example:

1 – Walk round the corner – uh-oh enemy in my face, no time to react, they haven’t reacted either….STAAAB! – perfectly acceptable.
2 – Walk round the corner – uh-oh enemy waiting for me, getting shot, STAAB – i r 1337!!!111!!!! – totally unacceptable.

Unlike other people who are calling on Infinity Ward to immediately remove Commando from the game – because that is not going to happen – I’d just like to see it toned down a bit, just have the “Suspend Reality” option turned off when the melee button is pressed.

The difference between normal knife distance and commando:

And here’s an example of running through a hail of bullets (it looks this guy had the little known perk “Teleport” equipped rather than Commando)

Your thoughts on Commando?

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6 thoughts on “The Invincible Commando

  1. Those videos are eye openers. I knew that Commando allowed you to lunge further but not that far.

    I bitched about them when I first started getting stabbed but my awareness of my surroundings has (somewhat) improved. When commando is used then other perks can’t be used, especially Ninja (pro) which is now on my default assault rifle class. Walking around the buildings on highrise is a lot easier when the enemy can’t hear your footsteps!

    Anyway, knifing is hard. You spend lots of time among the enemy. When I was still trying to unlock the tac knife I would quite often get the “most time spent near near enemy” accomplishment at the end of games. Unfortunately I didn’t make good use of that time with kills ..

    • You really have to lure the enemy to you, or spot them and give chase. Sometimes you have to shoot them in the back because the longer you’re running after them the longer their teammates have to spot you. Personally, I like throwing the care package out of the map as a trap for the enemy. “Oh-ho!” they think “looky on the radar – an orphaned care package yum yum yum…” *STAB*

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  3. On terminal last night I was outside, sighting down the hall with the escalators after being shot at the top of them. I knew there were 2 up there, one on either side, but a team mate didn’t and went for the guy on left. I saw the guy on the right literally teleport in 3 hops crossing the distance of the escalator and knife my team mate.

    ACR with stopping power definitely helped stop a few guys with commando as they ran towards me.

  4. I agree that at least the invincibility needs to be fixed. It drives me nuts. Most of the time this class is coupled with lightweight so there’s no real defense (unless you’re playing wasteland)because:

    1) Claymores don’t kill people with lightweight while they’re running and

    2) People move faster with lightweight so radar/heartbeat sensors are all but useless

    The only way to kill them is by sniping them from a LONG ways away and even then, they’ll have spawned and caught up with you by the time you are finished reloading.

    • Someone running around knifing can be really frustrating. I shouldn’t complain as I’ve done it. But after taking a break from the game and then going back things like that are really aggravating – especially when you’re shooting them in the face and then *slash* you’re dead!

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