Hauppage update and sasbenjr giveaway

Well, I put my surfboard on eBay today to fund my goal of getting the Hauppage HD PVR that I’ve previously posted about. I’ve got the starting price at £80 which should be reasonable for it, although I don’t think that it will go for much more than that. I’ve got 3 watchers which is encouraging as it’s still got pretty much seven days to go. So here’s where the fund stands now, the red being money in the bank (pennies in the jar) and the green is the minimum potential from the eBay sale:

The Hauppage Fund

The Hauppage Fund

However, when I popped on to YouTube earlier it turns out sasbenjr is giving away an Hauppage HD PVR – woohoo! But only to North American subscribers…..boooo! Nevermind, and the best of luck to Geoff and his channel.
****EDIT/UPDATE: Geoff has let me know that he’s now changed the criteria, so if you are not in the US and are happy to pay shipping and taxes then you can participate. So go along, subscribe, and the best of luck****

Here’s his link and the giveaway video:


And in other news, Donncha’s new surround sound headset is somewhere in transit. I recommend NORAD for tracking – if they can track Santa they can find where your Sharkoons are (hope they arrive for you tomorrow, in time for the weekend!).

Peas and loaves.

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