Put Your WING tags on – Wings of Redemption

“Put Your WING tags on” is actually a quote from Wings of Redemption. I had noticed that there were more positive comments regarding WoR on YouTube, mainly how his new videos seem more upbeat and “happier”. He even asks SeaNanners to unblock him and Junkyard129 to add him as a friend….don’t know if he was being ironic there, but it did seem that a new, positive and friendlier WoR had appeared. Until his sign off at the end of this video:

From my Wings of Redemption vs Ken Burton spoof video I have had numerous questions about what was said, well I didn’t see the original “I suck at sniping on xbox” vid but this seems pretty conclusive. I don’t know if it’s tongue in cheek or not. But there we have it.

Wings is a very good player, and despite being called a camper and getting some really uncalled for abuse because he doesn’t run around like he’s forgotten his Ritalin, you can’t take that away from him……Bah! I’m not even going to get into the camping thing. In fact, when I finally magic up the ability to make a decent gameplay recording I’ll make a video showing the real difference between camping and defensive play. Ying and Yang, people.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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