Dear Infinity Ward…

Dear Infinity Ward,

Please could you make it that when I join a game it’s not already half way through with multiple enemy air support in the air waiting to spawn kill me, or that when I join the game I am on the losing side with only five seconds of the round left to play. It may just be me, and you may consider this to be belly aching, or griping, but I consider those to be insurmountable odds. Not even the bastard love child of Rambo and Chuck Norris could win some of the matches that I found myself joining tonight.

Other than that, you’re doing a fine job (except with Commando, but we’ll leave that for now).

Yours sincerely

Crabmeat Nicol

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

2 thoughts on “Dear Infinity Ward…

  1. Happens here too. I presume players rage quit and then the game adds a new player to fill in the gap? Seems to happen more these days strangely.

    • I don’t mind joining the losing team if it’s fairly close, not when there is no way to turn it around. I don’t particularly care about my stats when I screw them up, but when I basically get an automatic loss because it’s 6000 – 1500 with 5 seconds on the clock really chokes my goat. One match last night joined me on the losing side without even enough time to spawn me!

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