Fat PS3 Health Warning

I noticed earlier on today that a number of people were posting on YouTube that they could not get on to PSN. I don’t tend to play during the day but tried this evening and sure enough – network error.

It turns out that this is only affecting the older fat PS3s of which mine is one, the curvy beauty that it is. However, what is alarming is this:
Playstation 3 owners should ‘stop gaming’


Sony has told owners of older models of its PlayStation 3 console to stop using the machine because of a problem with the PlayStation Network.

Funny…they haven’t told me! All I get is a network error message when I try to sign in……better check http://uk.playstation.com/ps3/ to find out about this REALLY IMPORTANT issue. Oh….there’s nothing there either- you’d think that something that can potentially harm your PS3 would be on the front page. Perhaps I should remove my tinfoil hat as Sony must be using mind bullets to get the message across….hmmm, nothing is important enough to remove my tinfoil hat, I’ll just not bother with the PS3 until my usual gaming time late late later tonight.

Oh, found it: http://uk.playstation.com/games-media/news/articles/detail/item266689/PlayStation-Network-currently-unavailable/ – awesome!

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Fat PS3 Health Warning

    • It could be, but it’s not a leap year this year is it? It didn’t have a problem in 2008 either. It’s odd that it would wait until March to have an issue with the date – if that’s what really happened. I reckon the fat PS3s are just in a strop because people are trading in for a skinnier model….

  1. It’s working again now. Been putting some of sasbenjr’s tips into practice – and they really work. Really REALLY work, not just sort of work, but proper work.

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