Modern Warfare 2 Pet Peeves

I try to be as upbeat and positive as possible when playing and discussing a game (because we shouldn’t forget that Modern Warfare 2 is just a game at the end of the day) but recently I’ve been slipping into grumpy gripe mode. There’s a number of reasons for this and all of them are my fault except for two. The issues that are completely my fault and nothing to do with Infinity Ward or MW2 are:

I aim like I’ve had a thumb transplant from an alcoholic
I leave lobbies only to rejoin games that are in the their final death throws with me spawned on to the losing side

But there are two issues that frustrate me more than any other, and these are things that can be placed fairly and squarely at IW’s door:

Being invincible when you press melee with Commando equipped
Auto Aim

I’ve already posted a number of times regarding Commando – and while I don’t actually have a problem with the perk itself (and do have it equipped on my “Game Rage” class) I do have a problem with the level of invicibilty it bestows on the user. Under any other circumstances a user who is able to become impervious to bullets would be called a cheat/glitcher/hacker but not so with Commando. The perk itself sort of makes sense, but the outcome does not – knifing impossible distances, through walls, round corners, and all under a hail of bullets that would ordinarilly kill you so bad you’d have to respawn twice.

And auto aim……ugh! I came to console gaming from the PC. You didn’t have auto aim on the PC, if you did it was called and aimbot and you were a filthy cheat. I understand that console gaming is different and aiming can be harder to get right, but why don’t we have the option to turn the auto aim off!? It’s not so much of a problem with fully automatic or burst fire weapons. But when you’re reticule is dragged across the screen like you’ve got Alien Hand Syndrome becomes a real problem when you’re trying to level up the FAL or any other single fire weapon.

I think the majority of my aiming issues would be resolved if I could turn off the auto aim. That would only leave me being cock-eyed and having roving thumbs to sort out and I would be BEAST.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Pet Peeves

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the auto aim, but from looking around it appears to be very subtle. I had my gun blazing and shooting the air next to an enemy in wide open space on Quarry last night when he kindly moved *into* my line of fire.

    I think it was some sort of Jedi mind trick or something.

    • It’s most noticeable when using the red dot or holographic sight – especially on the larger guns like the LMGs. If you get into a nice quiet spot and look down the sights towards a high traffic area and an enemy runs into the sight area it’ll flick in the direction they are going. The problem comes when you also flick in that direction and you end up overshooting the target.

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