Death By AutoAim – Infinity Ward Goes for Ultra Realism

Infinity Ward made a lot of advances in realism when they brought out Modern Warfare 2 (commando, and surviving a hit from the Barrett excepted). They’ve even included the auto aim function to replicate conditions on the battle field.

To most people, auto aim means that when they bring sights up they are aided in hitting the enemy. In real life when you bring your weapon up you’re going to be pointing it at the enemy rather that flailing wildly at the sky so the auto aim adds a touch of logic to gun control – but I have found added ultra realism that echoes studies made of battle field psychology and behaviours which I’ll need to briefly touch on.

Going back as far as the Crimean War through World War One and it’s sequel – WWII (The Reich Strikes Back) and even in Korea and Vietnam it was found that a high percentage of front line soldiers failed to fire their weapons during enemy engagements, or if they did fire, it was over the heads of the enemy. The figures show roughly up to 85% of soldiers (although there is no differentiation between volunteers, conscripts, and career soldiers in the reports) deliberately missed or did not fire on the enemy. This has been attributed to the natural aversion by most people to inflict pain and/or suffering on our fellow human beings. –this isn’t wikipedia so I’m not including any sources for the sake of brevity, but if you want sources then let me know and I’ll append them–

The studies are lauded by proponents of the theory, and condemned by its opponents. But whether you believe the studies or not, one thing is true. It’s obvious that IW has factored these studies into the programming of the auto aim. I know this for a fact (it must be true if I’ve said it, right?) because in only about 15% of my games does the auto aim actually help me. For the rest of the time it leaves me exposed by targeting to the left, or the right of the enemy and in the time spent fighting to get my aim ‘on’ I’m being shot in the face.

So well done IW for the added realism, it makes MW2 much more than just a game. Now can you make it so that I can turn the auto aim off please? (You can turn the auto aim off in Single Player – so why not Multi Player!?)

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Death By AutoAim – Infinity Ward Goes for Ultra Realism

  1. good points, I play PC so theres no auto aim feature in multiplayer or single-player, but I can see where it would add “logic” to multiplayer CODMW2.

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