Unlocked Tactical Knife and Game Rage Class

Forgot to mention last week that I had unlocked the tactical knife for the Magnum by using OnlyUseMeBlade’s technique of using the First Recon class. That class uses Marathon, Lightweight and Ninja which is fairly decent until you happen across the teleporting Commando users.

On maps such as Skidrow and Highrise I’ll more often than not use the First Recon class as I have more fun that way – blasting around the map on a stab-fest. Unlike OnlyUseMeBlade, I have no qualms about using grenades and the pistol though.

The extra custom class that Prestiging has given me has now become my Game Rage class.
Currently this is the load out:

Primary – MP5K with rapid fire (although that will become akimbo when I unlock it)
Secondary – Magnum with Tactical Knife

Marathon Pro
Lightweight Pro
Commando Pro

It’s the cheapest class I use at the moment but it only comes out under two circumstances:
1 – Rust. I hate that map, and if I have to play it, it’ll be as a major pain in the ass to the other team.
2 – If someone is running around with commando knifing people, and by ‘people’, I mean me.

I like getting cheap kills as the next person, but commando with tactical knife is just ridiculous. OnlyUseMeBlade talks about this in pretty much every video he puts up at the moment, and he’s right. It’s really cheap, even too cheap for me, and I am the king of cheap!

One downside of using my Game Rage class is trying to get out of the habit of rushing after using it. Rushing and stabbing is not a wise thing to do on all maps – a much better technique is the sort of strategic situational awareness that sasbenjr presents in his videos.

My Game Rage class helps to temper my desire to rage quit when the chips aren’t just down, but glued to the floor, next to a claymore on the edge of a cliff with air support above and no cold blooded perk.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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