YouTube Three to Watch Week 2 – and Hauppage update

Here’s week two of the Three to Watch series – not really sure how long this will run for as I’m trying to show YouTube uploaders who don’t have that many subscribers, or who aren’t really well known yet.

This week we’ve got:

xBrZz who I saw in a dual commentary with……..someone else I’m subscribed to who I can’t find now.

KCsCloud/xJollyLlama who I found via his posts on which in turn I found via sasbenjr who has influenced KCsCloud’s gameplay (and mine).

DerekDandy who was another referall from another subscription.

–Hauppage Update

I was checking out the Hauppage site earlier to double check how many pennies I have to find down the back of the sofa when I saw something that I didn’t notice before. Previously I had the price worked out at $220 (roughly £140), but I failed to notice the bit that said

Note: Shipments to Ireland, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands will be shipped from our Ireland warehouse, and will be charged shipping costs plus 21% Irish VAT on goods and shipping.

Which then works out at £176… I take back everything I said in this post. I’m taking back the high five I was giving to Hauppage and replace it with a heartfelt BOOOO! Looks like it will be 2036 before I squirrel enough pennies.

Ho-hum. Looks like is doing it cheapest after all.

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “YouTube Three to Watch Week 2 – and Hauppage update

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  2. I don’t suppose you’re self employed in any particular industry that uses video are you? If you were vat registered you could claim the VAT back.

    That’s awfully expensive!

    • Unfortunately not. Pennies in jars for me. And you know what the worst thing is…..I’ll have to edit my little fund barometer now to reflect the price. Boo Hauppage….BOOOOO!

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