Hey! That’s My Camping Spot…..

I’ve just remembered an event that occurred last night during my catastrophic gaming session. I’d run into similar “Spot Envy” while playing Zombie Nazis on World at War (Call of Duty 5), but this was the first time on Modern Warfare 2.

So here’s the scenario – Derail, Mercenary TDM, FAL – Bling, silencer and Holographic sight, Spas-12 with grip, Stopping Power Pro (because of the silencer), Ninja Pro, Claymore, Stun Grenades. The game had already begun and I decide that I’m going to pitch my tent in the middle building by the train wreck. This was because I haven’t really sniped on this prestige and having been destroyed in the previous games I thought I should cause the enemy some pain for once.

Unfortunately when I got there, there was already a sniper in place who quickly killed me on the stairs. When I got back there the enemy team had sort of made it their home and were making a good job of ventilating my “team mates”. We were attempting to go up the far stairs by the power plant, but as soon as anyone got to the door they were cut down by someone in the other room. “No, after you, I insist…” I think to myself as they push past to get into the doorway of doom. When the last of them had been blown away I jumped over the bannister to get onto that landing bit so that I would present less of a profile to the door as I looked to see where the shooter was.

Spas out I made my way forward and got the shooter – Hooray! I placed a claymore on the stairs I had come up (the narrow back stairs) and made my way through to the front of the building. As I did, a “team mate” came through from the other end with akimbo Rangers. So, having checked the building was clear I jumped on the bannister of the wide stairway pointing down towards the entrance. Akimbo Ranger kid returns and starts air knifing me……what? What is your problem? He’s there for a good 20 seconds before going to the bottom of the stairs in a huff. I was obviously in his camping spot. He was obviously griping over the mic as his name kept flashing up with the speaker icon next to it – but I have game chat turned ALLLLLL the way down.

Well you know what – I cleared out that building, I took out the guy that was camped there decimating the team so why should I move just because I’m in his favourite spot that he did nothing to achieve? To be honest that guy pissed me off so I chucked some stun grenades his way to let the enemy know where we were – he’s lucky I didn’t have smoke equipped……

So eventually I decide there’s not enough action here and go sniper hunting. But honestly! Fair enough show your displeasure at someone if you’re playing an objective game and they’re sitting in a room doing nothing for the team, but getting your nose all out of joint because someone is in “your” spot?! It’s time to grow up. And that’s another reason why the title PEGI rating should be enforced.

Bah, I’m grumpy.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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