…is soooo overpowered!

“…is soooo overpowered!” according to many YouTube Modern Warfare 2 commentators (the younger ones at least, and some who should be old enough to know better). What’s overpowered I hear you ask…. apparently any gun that kills them. The guns and perks they use are okay though. Go figure.

It seems that the guns fall into two categories – Beast or Overpowered. You can tell which is which by the position of the gun in question. If the gun is being pointed at the enemy and it gets kills easily, then it is “Beast”, however, if it is pointed at the commentator and kills him then it is “Overpowered”.

I’ve even seen one clip where the commentator complains that the UMP is more powerful than the Barrett. How? Well, in his topsy turvy universe two headshots from a distance with the UMP should not be enough to kill when it takes 3 shots (actually a miss, a hit marker and finally a killing shot) with the Barrett when quickscoping. Personally, I think a headshot from any weapon should be enough to kill, but I digress….

Barrett Quickscoper should try aiming at the upper body/head and then he wouldn’t have that problem. But it’s obviously easier to complain about an “overpowered” gun than to *gasp* consider that it’s YOU that’s the problem.

And in other news:

It’s almost midnight here and I don’t think I’m going to get a game tonight as I have to paint a pumpkin. Yes, you read that correct and if you check your calendar you’ll also note that it is still March. But a pumpkin needs painting and who am I to refuse?

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “…is soooo overpowered!

    • Yup, I find that too. Get killed, watch killcam and think “I’ll try that gun, it’s sooooo beast” load it up…….and get killed – OMFG H4X0RZZZZ!!1!eleventy!!!1

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