What the Angry Pterodactyl sees…

the Angry Pterodactyl eats! In case you don’t know what I’m on about – I’m referring to Harriers in Modern Warfare 2. And when I say ‘eat’, I mean ‘shoot’……this all sounded so much better in my head, but I’ve started now, and you’re reading it so it would be rude to drop it.

So here’s the thing, the enemy get a Harrier Strike. There’s two things you need to do:
1) – the mental check – what class am I using? If cold blooded then carry on as normal, if not, get inside.
2) – do I have any anti-air support weapons equipped? If yes, shoot the Angry Pterodactyl down, if not then switch classes for when you die.

Personally, I always attempt to shoot down airsupport whether it’s a team game or free-for-all for a couple of reasons (another list coming up):

1 – It gets you points. These are handy when levelling up.
2 – It pisses off the guy who launched it, especially if you can take it down before it gets a kill.
3 – Every kill it gets is essentially counting against YOU. Even in FFA (I’ll come back to that).
4 – Harriers are usually used as a staging ground to even more devastating killstreaks.

So here’s the thing about #3 – In game modes where the outcome is dependent on the amount of kills a player has, allowing an air support killstreak to wend its merry way should not be an option. On TDM every kill the Harrier gets is one step closer to your team losing – even if it’s not you that’s being killed. If you’re on FFA and have cold blooded you may think “Ha ha ha, that Angry Pterodactyl isn’t going to get me! Ner ner ner ner nerrrrr!” Which is great – but there are only 30 kills needed to win the match. Which means that while you’re running around trying to get the kills, the Pterodactyl handler can sit in a corner while his pet NomNomNoms it’s way through the other player and potentially gives them an easy match win. Which brings us to #4.

Harrier > Chopper Gunner > Nuke. 7 – 11 – 25 (or 6 – 10 – 24 with Hardline) kills. If a player manages to get to seven kills without being shot in the face, his air support is probably going to do the rest for him. Which means you lose – even if you were winning. So if enemy airsupport goes up and you don’t have an anti-air weapon equipped, switch classes – jump on your own grenade, knife your own claymore, or even jump off a building and shoot that bad boy down. You can’t rely on your team mates to do it so be the team player (even in non-team games) and get rid of it.

Now for the Pterodactyl tie-in. Although Pterodactyls, or Pterosaurs if you prefer, are prehistoric winged beasts of doom it’s the name that is analogous with the Harrier Strike. Pterodactyl is Latin meaning “Winged Finger” (due to the elongation of the phalanges of the forelimbs that allowed the wing membrane to form). When someone gets their Harriers up they are essentially giving the enemy side the finger – the winged finger. So think about that – would you allow someone to give you the finger without redress? Of course you wouldn’t – so SHOOT IT DOWN!

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “What the Angry Pterodactyl sees…

  1. Ahhhhh someone who thinks the same as me.

    I play with an irl mate and as soon as air support is up, across the mic comes Paul, get that beast down. I have a love for shooting these damn things down, I know it, he knows it and whats more, I get some weird satifaction out of doing it.

    Last night I let one off from my Javelin and then got a face full. I respawned and looked up (was playing Highrise) and I saw the most beautiful sight, my rocket speeding towards the harrier from above, leaving a glorious trail behind it and the inevitable ‘explosion’

    Soul 5tealer downs yet another one – chalk another one up to me. My mate says, damn you love it don’t ya hahaha.

    I am not very good and my main problem is aim (may post on your post about that later) and I rarely get a decent killstreak coz I have a habit of dying…a lot…. but where I excel is getting these mosters down 😉

    Whilst I find MW2 frustrating due to my lack of skills, this makes up for it, especially when you hear Enemy Harrier, 9/10 I’m already loaded up and ready and I pity the guy that has called it in and gets a zero kill haha

    • Yup, shooting down air support should definitely become an Olympic event – it’s the sport of champions. I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t do well in the game, the main point is to have fun. It’s not like you can put your Kill/Death ratio on your CV…..

      As for aiming, or improving it, I’m considering posting about how I recently improved my aiming ability – but it’s an individual thing so what has worked for me might not work for you. But if you think it’d be useful let me know.

      In the meantime, if you’re looking for some really good videos on tactics and threat analysis – which is very important to improving your game – then check out Geoff’s channel if you haven’t already. I don’t think I plug his channel enough. Tell him I sent you 😉


  2. I’ll have a look.

    A post would be great as I need all the help I can get. I am working on it slowly and have found that when I run, I tend to lower my sights so when I ADS I’m usually aiming at feet. At least 50% of the time I shoot first but coz I’m low I’m dead. The killcam shows blood so I’m just not aiming high enough (in my opinion) but I’ve only been playing for 3 weeks and new to xbox (was a pc’r)

    Last night I conciously tried to change this and I did improve but that was my last game, it was late and I was tired but from memory I was 16-2-15 and I got a 4 killstreak (very rare for me)

    • Any TDM game that ends with you going positive is a good game as far as I’m concerned. If I have the worst game ever it makes it all better if I’m still positive at the end, even if it’s by one kill.

      I’ll put a post together on aiming. Going from PC to console is definitely a big change and the difference in control is one of the hardest things to get used to. Hopefully I can get together some examples of what I’ll be saying. I find it’s easier to be shown how to do something rather than reading an instruction manual.

    • I’d been thinking about writing it for a couple of days, but didn’t think it would be very useful as I seemed to be the only person having trouble with aiming (everyone else blames Infinity Ward). So the impetus was that it was being written to be read rather than my usual posts which are just written for being written.

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