Battle Field Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2 Commentaries

There’s no denying that Battle Field Bad Company 2 looks good and sounds awesome. A lot of MW2 commentators have taken a hiatus from Call of Duty and are tearing it up on Bad Company 2. I don’t have the game and I didn’t get around to playing the demo (“for shame!” I hear you cry) so I enjoy watching the vids and first thoughts that people are expressing.

One problem that most commentators are running into is the length of a game. Most MW2 game modes are conveniently 10 minutes long which is just the right length to be accepted on YouTube. But apparently BFBC2 games are in excess of 20 minutes each which means that unless you are posting to Machinima or one of the other YouTube partners you need to do some ruthless editing.

However, there is another issue with BFBC2 videos…..they can be quite boring. I have no doubt that the game itself is amazing to play – from what I can see it does seem to be a more immersive experience for the player than MW2, but it doesn’t appear to translate well to game commentaries. There’s a lot of shooting at stuff that you can’t see and vehicle mayhem. The majority of YouTubers I subscribe to are there because I enjoy what they talk about so the gameplay is not always the most important aspect of the viewing but at the moment there seems to be a major “What to do with Bad Company 2” feeling in the videos.

I think the major issues for commentators are the size of the maps and the fact that it is mostly squad based with a more team orientated play style. So now instead of gameplay focusing on the individual achieving greatness it’s more “So here I am in this building for the forseeable future with my squad while we shoot at people in that other building waaaaaaaaaaaaay over there….”. BFBC2 is obviously a really good game, but I’m not sure that it is going to be successful for the commentators. Plenty of scope for tasty montages though.

And because I like to involve you as much as possible in what I’m saying I’ve finally worked out how to use the poll thingy. So if you are not registered at WordPress you can at least vote on which commentaries you prefer:

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “Battle Field Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2 Commentaries

  1. I’ve watched one BfBC2 gameplay video, by NextGenTactics and while it wasn’t up to their usual standards, because they’re still learning, it was entertaining and interesting. I’ll reserve judgement but I suspect MW2 will be more interesting to watch.

    I still haven’t played it multi player, but I did have a couple of games of Bf 1943 earlier this evening. I always find that much more relaxing than MW2. Probably the larger maps.

    • WoodysGamertag posted a video about BFBC2 the other day and in that he said that new players are going to be at a distinct disadvantage compared to new players of MW2. Apparently you’ve got to really put the hours in and the best technique is concentrate on one class.

      • Yikes. That doesn’t sound good, though I recalled hearing the same advice about classes elsewhere. When I had finished my gaming last night I checked my stats and I had half-leveled the assault and engineer classes while trying them out.

        I think I’ll stick with assault for a bit.

  2. What I’d like to see is a BFBC2 commentary which focus’s on a single squad (possibly showing all 4 of their screens). That would be interesting, if not a bit difficult to make 🙂

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