Quick Scoping Revisited

*This post has been edited as I was a bit tired and beligerent when I wrote it.*

I haven’t been online for the past two nights because last night I was writing the Improving Your Aim post, and tonight I was sorting out the Three to Watch video. But while the video was rendering I turned on the PS3 as I was expecting a Friend Request from another blogger. There wasn’t one Friend Request though….there were two.

Okay, I’m popular, I get tens of views of this blog per day (practically Cannon and Ball famous – but not quite as popular as The Chuckle Brothers) and my YouTube channel gets a couple of hits so obviously there is going to be a point where I’m going to get random Friend Requests. I’m fine with that – the more the merrier. I get killed online by strangers all the time, so it would be refreshing for it to be a stranger on the Friend List. A stranger is just a friends not on your Friends List yet.

So one of the messages says:

hi i recently stumbled upon and article of yours online, and i’m just going to quote what you said here “in my opinion quickscoping is governed by random chance…..i have not found one person who can consistenly get upper body n hs while noscoping or quick.” i agree with u on noscoping. but the part with quickscoping is ur opinion and that is all it is. but the FACT is qs does require skill. albeit in game aim assist does play a role. go watch IReapZz mw2 montage the grace of sniping.

Right. A montage. A selection of clips used to entertain the viewer. I don’t think I need to watch it, I can see it already….”Headshot”…. “One Shot Kill”…. “Collateral”….. am I close? I did mention about montages in the initial post and how they prove nothing. I think it’s prudent to point out that capitalising the word ‘fact’ does not make something true or factual, it just capitalises the word. You can’t say that something requires skill and then say that aim-assist plays its part! You’re either doing it yourself and being skillful, or the game mechanics are doing the skill bit for you. In the good old days before aim-assist some unscrupulous players used aim-bots – and they were frowned upon and generally verbotten! So relying on the same principle and calling it “skill” seems very much like bunk to me.

It’s not really possibly to have a decent discussion over PSN messaging so I’d urge those who have an opinion on this register with WordPress and add their tuppence worth here.

However the message did spur me into some proper testing of my quickscope theory and this was what I found:

If you are stationary and you quickscope to the point where you can see through the scope you CAN group shots fairly tightly. But the accuracy is greatly reduced at distance and also if you do not get the scope up properly. The accuracy is reduced even more when you are on the move – although in game against opponents rather than pot plants you’ll have the auto-aim to help you.

With no-scoping it is random although you do sometimes hit a streak of “laser” shots where the bullet travels to the centre of the crosshairs, and then a streak of waaaay off shots. So no-scoping requires no skill and should be treated with the same contempt as grenade launchers (if you treat the Pro-Pipe with contempt – I think it rocks!).

So we agree that no-scoping is turds. Now we just need to define what constitutes skill.

I will do some more testing when I get more time and may even set up the video camera to show what I mean. In the meantime, the offer is still there for any 1337 quick scopers to post a video showing that they do actually have control over their aiming by target shooting.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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