Is the Heartbeat Sensor for Noobs

One good thing about this WordPress blog system is the stats. It shows me the search terms that people use to get here. Mostly it’s the same thing over and over, but occasionally there’s a term that is related to something I’ve posted, but is not explicitly answered.

The search term “is a heartbeat sensor for noons” was there today (and I take it that ‘noons’ is a typo for ‘noobs’). I thought it was a very good question since the Heartbeat Sensor, like every other attachment and perk, attracts the suffix -noob when it is used in game. Ironically the person who is killed is the one yelling “noob!” which doesn’t really make sense as the person who caught the dead is the ‘noobish’ one for getting killed – not the person who racked up the kill or kills…..

So, the HeartBeat Sensor. It’s not an attachment that I use as I find that I get tunnel vision with it. Staring at the Aliens-esque blips moving on the screen I tend to get killed from behind. But that’s not to say that it is useless or noobish. You just have to learn how to use if effectively. So here is my quick list for effective Heartbeat Sensor use:

  • 1 – The HBS is an aid, just like the UAV. But you cannot fully rely on it. As such, it is important not to become fixated by it.
  • 2 – Remember that the HBS refreshes about once a second. This means that moving enemies are potentially at least one second closer than it is showing – even more for Marathon/Lightweight enemies.
  • 3 – The HBS will not show up people using the Ninja Perk – but does show up Cold Blooded users who will be invisible to UAV. This is probably the number one reason why you should not become reliant on it. While you’re scoping out the area and not picking anything up, I (because I tend to use Ninja a lot) could be coming directly towards you. And while you’re looking at the HBS I could already have spotted you….
  • 4 – It’s usefulness is reduced when in buildings with multiple floors as it only shows you the relative distance away and not whether they are on the same level or not.
  • 5 – Avoid camping with it. And by camping I mean proper camping. i.e. sitting in the corner of a room with your gun trained at the door. Not because camping is wrong, but because you’ll get killed very easily through camping. Claim an area and patrol it while maintaining a strategic presence with the aid of the HBS.

It’s important when using the HBS to pre-empt the incoming enemy rather than allowing them to come directly to your position. The HBS gives you their relative position so you should move to a point where you have the best chance of winning the engagement by launching a surprise attack.

Here’s a video from Wings of Redemption where he uses the Heart Beat Sensor in conjunction with the Scrambler perk to lure enemies to his position so he can kill them. For most 1337 players the HBS and Scrambler perks are considered worthless, but here they are used to great effect:

But to answer the original question: Is the Heartbeat Sensor for noobs? No it’s not. It’s not any more noobish than any other attachment. Although you’ll always have the complainers who consider any perk/attachment combo that they are not currently using to be noobish. So you know what? Sod them, use what you like. If someone calls you a noob, load up One Man Army, Danger Close and the Pro-Pipe and noob them to death! You’ve bought the game for your enjoyment, not to adhere to another person’s crazed concept of how the game should be played.

You can find more information on the Heart Beat Sensor at the Call of Duty Wiki

Peas and loaves.

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