Who is Wings of Redemption

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Please note – this has not been updated since 14th April 2010. I’m not interested in WoR or anything he does which is why I put my time in to more positive works
Since April there have been numerous additional events that have happened, but keeping up with all the crap would be a full time job in itself. To summarise – he’s removed the ability to leave comments on his channel and charges people to be added to this friends list, and also for a mention on his channel.

*Updated AGAIN 14-04-2010*

Okay, one of the most popular search phrases that people use that points them here is “who is wings of redemption”, it’s currently second in popularity to “Wings of Redemption Vs….”

So for all those people who need to know, but don’t know and can’t find an answer here is the low down:

Who is Wings of Redemption
Wings of Redemption is the YouTube name of a gamer from Conway, South Carolina who plays under the PSN usernames of Unlimited UAV, (?)VR Joker(?), Starbreaker2000 and a couple of others that I’m sure people will want to add in the comments section. His preferred console is the PS3, but has recently started playing on the Xbox360 as well.

You can find him on his YouTube channel which is: http://www.youtube.com/user/wingsofredemption
He initially gained attention by posting Modern Warfare 2 gameplay videos. His later videos concentrated more on the negative aspects of the game and other players. before he switched to exclusively to making He also makes Battle Field Bad Company 2 gameplay videos (in which he includes a lot of negativity aimed at…..Modern Warfare 2 and other players). Despite his apparent hatred of MW2 it looks like he just can’t tear himself away from it…..

He is a Machinima Director which means that he gets paid by Machinima depending on the amount of views his videos get on their channel. Currently his subscriber list (at time of writing) is 48,086.

His game play style has also been a source of ire from some sections of the gaming community who claim that he is nothing more than a camper. If that is the case then he is a very successful camper with high K/D. This is essentially an unjustified slight as his playstyle does not involve him sitting in a room with a shotgun aimed at the door. Although it should be noted that the term “Camper” is vague and is generally used by anyone who gets killed by another player who is not doing a 360 noscope jump shot. He is also known for his sniping and commentaries that relate to the development, history and use of the weapons he is uses in game.

Recently he has caused controversy in the gaming community by having a poor attitude towards other gamers and “rival” Machinima directors such as Hutch, OpTicNation, Ken Burton and JunkYard129.

He has been accused of cheating by using a modded controller that he posted a video about:
The video entitled “Viking 360 Controller Review” is also the first time that Wings of Redemption is seen on camera, following in the footsteps of SeaNanners, Hutch, Ken Burton, JunkYard129 and OnlyUseMeBlade.

The cheating controversy reached new heights in late March 2010 when Wings of Redemption allegedly posted a video offering the services of another user to help people to boost to tenth prestige for profit. I did not see the video but there are plenty of comments in the community from those who did see it. As per Wings’ usual behaviour when the shit hits the fan the video was pulled (either by Wings himself or YouTube for policy violation). However, there are plenty of comments on his channel (and elsewhere) of people showing their disgust at his pro-cheating and mercenary stance:

Comments on Wings of Redemption\’s Channel

*Updated AGAIN 14-04-2010*

Peas and loaves.

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‘Lament for the Living’ is out on May 10th – get a sneak peek at the first chapter for FREE!

Currently it’s .prc (DRM free for Kindle) or .pdf only.
Kindle/.prc – Download Here
PDF – Download Here

Download, read, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

While you’re waiting for ‘Lament for the Living’ to be released the following titles are also available:
Hannibal House by David Nicol   The Deluge of Elias by David Nicol
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15 thoughts on “Who is Wings of Redemption

    • Far from it. This is all stuff that I’ve seen since on YouTube over the past couple of months, so it’s not like I’ve been hiding in his bins to get this information.

      It’s more like a wiki responding to what people are looking for (and I’ve deliberately avoided posting my opinion) – seems that since there are a lot of mentions of him in the gaming community there’s also a lot of “who is this guy?” going on. So, like the Wings v Ken thing I’ve stuck all the info in one place.

    • In retrospect I’ve taken out the embedded video and picture. I think that information goes a bit far, especially if he chooses to pull that video at a future time.

  1. I remember watching the start of that modded controller video and didn’t think anything more of it but after your comment above, that controller will definitely give him an edge and in terms of the Xbox community it’s cheating. That was a stupid thing to review, it could possibly get him banned.

    The odd thing is, before consoles we had all sorts of controllers, or “joysticks” as they were quaintly known as, and on the PC they have all sorts of keyboards and mice. Remember back in the old days a joystick would have an “autofire” switch?

    They’re not the same though. That controller allows the player to modify their rate of fire. That’s definitely going one step too far.

    • I had an autofire joystick. I thought it would make me invincible, it just made me realise I was better without it.

      I’ve added a new post dealing specifically with cheating as this issue has gotten too big for the comments section.

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  5. In the last couple of weeks I have seen WoR on the 360 running his unlimitedUAV tag. For someone who is supposedly by his own claim so good, he sure forgets to check his backside while running like a raving rabbid from point to point. I cant count how many times in White Pass I nailed him with a pistol kill while he ran all crazy to defend a point only to be gunned down by a moderatly equipt Engineer.

    • Thanks for posting.

      I think there is a misconception when people upload their “beast” gameplays to YouTube or anywhere else in that they do well in every game they play.

      That really isn’t the case. If you watch FPSKyle or WoodysGamerTag vids where WoR is on their team you’ll see him not have particularly impressive scores. But that’s the same for any YouTuber – they maybe only upload about one in ten games (that’s my guesstimation) not counting rage quits and host migration fails.

      Normally, for video purposes, the uploader will have his try-hard pants on. So chances are he was just playing Average Joe style. But kudos to WoR for playing the objective (when you play defense it doesn’t really matter how much you die). And I’m not a WoR fan – far far from it.

      • I agree with your point 100% but if you feel the need to showcase yourself, talk trash in your videos about other players and then promote yourself as some kind of resident expert on the game then its most certainly going to be pointed out to you that …your just not living up to your own hype, see what I mean? I will be the first to say Im not any kind of l33t on this game, I do have my special bright shiny glorious moments ( only to be cut in half by a rampaging Medic on full auto with his M60 whilst trying to unarm a m-com).

  6. David,

    You stated in one of your earlier responses that you have attempted to avoid posting your own opinions here and rather have tried to make this page a source of facts of people seeking info on WoR.

    However, I think the bit about his playstyle does display some of your own bias. Clearly, those who go into a room, plop down a claymore, and then lay down and ADS at the door are camping. It seems that you’re suggesting that since WoR doesn’t do that, then he doesn’t camp.

    How else do you define his strategy however? Yes, he doesn’t stay motionless with his gun ADS’d at all times, but his primary strategy is this: find an advantageous spot on the map (usually a high spot), stay at that spot and get kills, and finally, get more kills from revenge seekers returning to his advantageous spot.

    You don’t have to lay down on the floor and ADS to camp (although he does do that sometimes). That type of camping is the least skillfull (and probably least successful) type, and is most often done by newbies who haven’t developed their reflexes or confidence yet. WoR’s camping is a bit more skillful, but it’s still cheap. He forces other players to either attempt to dislodge him from his advantageous spot or to avoid his sightlines (thereby putting them at a disadvantage).

    It’s smart camping, but it’s still camping, no doubt.

    I didn’t really mean to go on for that long, but the point was, you seem to be defending that playstyle in the aforementioned section, and that’s your right to do so, but if you want to claim this as an unbiased source of info, you may want to do some editing in that section…

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