Quick Scoping and Cold Blooded Pro

Okay, I’m a little bit obsessed by quick scoping in Modern Warfare 2 right now. But putting all the issues about how much skill is involved aside I have a question for quick scopers – does Cold Blooded Pro cause a problem for you?

The reason for the question is that I know that with Cold Blooded Pro, not only does your name not show up to the enemy, but it also stops the crosshairs from going red and negates the aim assist. From what I can see from the many discussions on quick scoping, a major part of it is having the aim assist snap on to your target – especially when “drag scoping”. Logically if someone is using Cold Blooded Pro then this would make it more challenging for a quick scoper to get the kill as the ‘snap’ would not happen.

Obviously those who are actually skilled rather than those who possess skillz will have no problem countering this. But I’d really like to have some feedback on the Cold Blooded Pro perk and if it affects the ability to quick scope. I’d also be interested in doing some tests in MW2 on the PS3 if anyone is interested.

Peas and loaves.

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One thought on “Quick Scoping and Cold Blooded Pro

  1. well at your skill level i would suggest not using it until you learn how to counter the snap because it can get you killed if you are in hte wrong place at the wrong time

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