Yes, you are looking at the right blog. I think…… Anyway, I got looking around the control panel and decided spruce things up a bit. Made a new header thingy based on my YouTube channel background and trimmed the default widgets to the right.

Gone are all the superfluous bits and pieces and in with a subscribe link and search box – if you are looking at a post on the frontpage. Haven’t worked out how to get this on every page yet…..


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Peas and loaves.

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18 thoughts on “Woah!

    • Thanks. I did it and then decided to look at other templates for the blog, but they’re different sizes and I didn’t want to have to re-edit again. Maybe next time. BTW – do you know how to get the sidebar to show permanently or is that a CSS/template jobby?

  1. I can check it out for you. Is it just the standard start up one your using……… I’ll create a dummy blog and have a play for you but the sidebar is usually done via widgets so it depends if this one allows them so let me know what template you have (name) and I’ll get back to you.

    Most templates will usually ‘fit’ so I’m surprised at that. I’m always changing mine, keeps people on their toes but will not stick with what I have but not happy with my header, it’s too cluttered so I need to work on it as priority No. 1

    • Thanks pal. The thing is, I get the sidebar on the front page, but if you view a post directly the sidebar disappears (unlike on your blog where you’re sidebar remains). It is Kubrik standard – but don’t worry about looking into it, I think I’ll find a nice spanking template and work with that. As for the fit – it’s the header that has the fit problem. Kubrik header is much smaller in the width than other templates so you end up with an ugly gaping wound at the sidewhen you switch. I’ve got some time this afternoon so I think I’ll get all that sorted.

      If you want any help with your header let me know and we’ll see what we can put together.

  2. Cool ok well the offer is there if you need any help. The template I’m using is really good, easy to customise and would look great with your header (as would any black themed site) although the split in the middle would not look so good……….maybe? (in my opinion)

    I used to have a blog direct at wordpress and I used the Mistylook template which is another great easy to customise site as well and from memory the sidebar stays there as well as you get that one here but on that I went deep into the css to make it look good.

    As for my header, I’m really at a loss and I think I’m trying to cram too much in. I would love a MW2 theme but my site is not specific to that which is why I’m going ‘ott’. Less is more as they say and I really need to work out what I want. I think Diana will have to go *cry* but Depeche Mode will have to stay (maybe a different pic) so maybe that, some refernce to wow and MW2 is all I need and maybe drop the char pictures.

    I must say I love the header you’ve got, especially the MW2 background, looks awesome so maybe I need to do something with that and work around a theme as opposed to jumbling a load of pictures together. (but of course not use your one, just something similair)

    • I liked you old header, although there was a couple of pictures it went together.

      The template you’re using, does it split your header picture automatically or do you have to use two separate pics for each side?

      Are the images you’re using at the moment what you want to make the header out of?

    • The only problem is that in order to change the CSS to make the colour schemes match and get rid of the poncy flowers I’d have to pay WordPress to upgrade……so blue it is then. I’m going to see if changing the green gradient to blue makes it look nasty, or nice. (and I’ll be replying to your earlier post shortly….haven’t forgotten)

  3. Wow – Looks amazing loving the theme….. I’ve started a new header as well although I cant get the green to match so am playing around with it at the moment. I’ve uploaded what I’ve done so far.

    • Thanks. It’d be much better if I hosted it myself as I could change the CSS but I had an issue with using third party scripts at the beginning of the year and won’t be making that mistake again.

  4. Damn I have to go now.

    I’ve uploaded it and it looks amazing. If I can use it please let me know and I will mose definately give you a credit, hell I’ll pay you if you want 😉

    Try and get on later as I don’t want you not taking credit for it

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