Blur – Mario Kart for Grown Ups?

Donncha posted about Blur – the new driving game from Activision – a couple of days ago. I’m not really a fan of driving games – done my bit on the Need For Speed series and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on the 360. Got Race Driver Grid with my PS3 (hated it), but was never into the more popular titles such as Project Gotham or Forza.

But the more demos of this Blur game I see the more I’m liking it. It has the right mix of racing and carnage that appeals to me. According to GoldGlove, the 20 player racing is absolute bedlam! I don’t know what the game physics are like but it looks like they’ve gone for Arcade racer rather than Formula 1 – which is probably a good thing when you’re being bombarded with electric bolts and big angry energy balls. With the power ups and rewards it looks like a grown up version of Mario Kart but with more options and damage included.

There are different game modes and track types where your choice of car will make a difference to your performance.

I’m not normally interested in racing genre games as shooting people in the face is my thing, but I think I’m getting a wee bit excited by Blur. We’ll see how it goes in June when it’s released….. Will I turn to the dark side?

And in other news…( UK/EU only sorry 😦 ) has an up to 80% off sale on right now. I’ve used them before – got Little Big Planet for the PS3 for £15, and was looking for the cheapest price for Mario Kart Wii (which is also at The Hut). There’s loads of different things on sale other than just games – Blu-Ray, DVDs, clothing, toys……sheesh, I sound like an advert. Anyway, they’ve got loads of stuff going cheap. Check them out* –

*As usual – this is a non-affiliated link. If I ever post a link that benefits me I will label it as such.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Blur – Mario Kart for Grown Ups?

  1. I haven’t even played it yet despite having the beta code!

    Unplayed copies of the newish GTA episodes and the older Bioshock also remain unplayed. I wander into Game/Gamestop and look around and just leave again without buying anything.

    There’s a Gamestop voucher burning a hole in my wallet and nothing to spend it on! Damn MW2 and now BfBC2 for sucking my time! 🙂

    • You didn’t play Bioshock!? You are missing an experience – it is one of the most amazing games ever made. Totally immersing, creepy and exciting. Book yourself an hour and run it – you may find BFBC2 and MW2 taking a backseat for a little while.

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