Misplaced Code of Honour – I’m not cheap, I’m MLGpro!

I’ve noticed a trend in many YouTube Modern Warfare 2 commentators lately. The trend is like a self imposed Code of Honour. I’m all for being honourable and upstanding. But these codes of conduct are paradoxical. Essentially, if you use weapon x, attachment y and perk z then you are cheap. In the most recent video I watched – on Machinima no less – the YouTuber was going on about how cheap the grenade launcher is (I think he referred to it as a ‘noob-tube’). Obviously in this example the commentator must have been playing in a very non-cheap way. After all, it would make sense to validate your opinion about what is cheap, by not being cheap yourself. You’d think…..

So this guy is camping with an ACR and Commando Pro while attempting to lecture on ‘cheap’.

At the moment it’s trendy to post in the comments on YouTube that the grenade launcher attachment should take up a perk slot…….why? If you want that then you need to be playing CoD4 where the grenade launcher ATTACHMENT was not treated as an ATTACHMENT. Why should it take up a perk slot when none of the other attachments do? You get two grenade rounds with the launcher attachment – two! If you pair it up with One Man Army you not only lose a perk slot, but you also lose your secondary weapon…….is that not a reasonable trade off?

In reality, the grenade launcher is a fairly ineffective weapon. Two rounds, slow reload, limited accuracy. If someone is running around with the grenade launcher shouldn’t you put your artificial code of honour to one side and really smite them?

It’s not like you’re not having an 18th Century Duel, this is not Call of Duty: Pistols at Dawn – you’re there to defeat the other side. And you should want to do that as decisively as possible. If you choose to limit your loadout then the phrase “Death before dishonour” will be true for you many times over.

Ironically, being ‘cheap’ is a public game phenomenom. In the world of competitive gaming there is no such thing as cheap – the point is to win as quickly and decisively as possible. In a game where the core of it is shooting the enemy in the face, doing it as effectively as possible should be the norm. Zip to 4 minutes 20 seconds on this video for the lowdown:

I use some loadouts and tactics that even I consider to be cheap. But if they need to be used then so be it. If you’re stupid enough to fall for the same trick more than once then you only have yourself to blame:

So the next time you’re called “cheap”, don’t be hurt. Just remember that you’re not being cheap, you’re being MLG Pro!

Peas and loaves.

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