Pyrotoz PS3 go boom! :sadface:

***UPDATE – Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.***

Well, not exactly boom, but it might as well be. Pyrotoz (Tommy) is a Modern Warfare 2 player/commentator who posts his videos to his channel on YouTube. In his latest video he explains how his PS3 has failed and that’s bad news for him. As a student he doesn’t have the means to pay Sony £130 or whatever they charge at the moment to get it repaired! I like Tommy’s videos as he tends to use odd-ball combinations of weapons and attachments – AK-47 with shotgun attachment anyone? He’s not shy at trying out new things and it’s entertaining to watch. He’s also a good player with a good attitude to match.

***UPDATE – Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.***
It would be a shame if his PS3 became a doorstop, not just for him (especially as he has literally only just got Final Fantasy XIII for it), but for those of us who enjoy watching his vids. So here’s my thinking. If you have two minutes can you pop over to his YouTube channel (linky linky) and help him out in any way you can.

  • If you’ve had any experience with the problem he describes in the video where you able to resolve it?
  • Do you know of any cheaper alternative way of fixing PS3s other than the Sony Repair Centre?
  • Maybe you have spare parts that you could donate to him if it’s a component failure?
  • Maybe you’re in a position to help him in a more direct way?

***UPDATE – Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.***
Whatever you can do, kind words or otherwise, I’m sure that Tommy would appreciate them. For reference I’ve got no connections to Tommy other than watching his vids – I have nothing to gain from posting this.

***UPDATE – Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.***
Here’s his video:

Good luck Tommy, hope you’re back on the PS3 soon.

***UPDATE – Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.***

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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