Weekly-ish Update #2

It’s Thursday, so it must be time for the Weekly-ish Update of what’s been going on with this blog, gaming and the YouTube channel.

First – congratulations to sasbenjr (Geoff) for passing the four thousand subscriber mark. His success is down to his measured analytical approach to describing tactics in his videos for both Modern Warfare 2 and more recently Battle Field: Bad Company 2 and his interaction with his subscribers. Definitely worth a view if you haven’t already (and if you are a regular viewer of this blog then you’re probably already familiar with his work). Well done Geoff and all the best for a successful future.

***UPDATE – Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.***
Pyrotoz’s PS3 is still dead. He’s decided that the best option is to go for a new PS3 Slim instead of risking the same thing happening again to a repaired machine. Personally, I think that in the long run that’s probably the smart choice as the PS3 slim has not had the reported failures that the older fat models have. His most recent video explains his position.
***UPDATE – Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.***

My YouTube channel is now in to double figures for subscribers. That makes me more popular than Cannon and Ball, but not as popular as The Chuckle Brothers (joke). ‘Three to Watch’ is now in its fourth week and it’s always nice to receive the positive messages from those featured. The thing is, I don’t feel like I’m really doing anything – the people I feature are the ones doing all the work. So if you would be so kind, pop along to their channel and show them some love. And when I say “show them some love” I mean comment, rate and subscribe if you like what you see.

Those featured so far in order of appearance:

My subscriptions list on YouTube now stands at 71. It would be more, but I unsubscribed from a couple of people as I really can’t stand listening to someone complaining constantly about something they choose to do. If you’d like to check out who I’m subscribed to then click on the YouTube logo:

The Hauppage Fund
Is still at the same place as it was last week. I’m fifty squids away from the price Play.com are asking.

I’ve not been doing so well this week as my Game Results posts testify. But I’m not the only one. It seems that having a crappy time is catching. I suspect that all the average players are now on BFBC2 leaving all the 1337 kids on MW2 to mow down those of us who are older and slower. Damn you BFBC2…..damn your eyes *shakes fist*!

Another issue for me is perhaps my obsession with stealth in game making me ineffective in combat. Using Cold Blooded means not being able to use Stopping Power and I’ve found that I do a lot better with Stopping Power……

Blog Views and Template
When I started this blog I didn’t know what direction it would take, or even if anyone would read it. Many of the first posts are simple verbosity – just posting whatever rambles came in to my head regarding Modern Warfare 2. I was happy to see the stats showing that more than one person had visited per day, and then gradually it became the norm for at least 30 unique visitors per day coming here (whether they found what they’re looking for….I don’t know). Recently though the views have increased again with two major spikes – once when Geoff (sasbenjr) gave me a shout out on his channel, and then Tuesday when we almost broke the 100 views mark.

I’m not entirely sure what caused the spike on Tuesday, although it could have been related to my interaction with Paul Hearne’s blog as I created a new header for him:

Is this responsible for a spike in views?

This was after I had made a new header for here and was playing about with the wordpress templates. I ended up having to alter the header colouring to match the template it’s on as this is a hosted version of WordPress. Being hosted means that I would have to pay to change the CSS to make it look exactly how I would want it to……and that’s not going to happen. In the future I may switch to my own server, but for now, this will do.

And lastly, my favourite:

Search Terms
I love looking at the search terms that point people to this blog – I’m a geek like that. Some are to be expected – MW2, Tactical Knife, and other MW2-centric terms. The top searches are still for Wings of Redemption and all things related to him – especially his face….. Den Kirson has also been quite popular. But this week, the most amusing term has been…. “Commando Peas”

I kid you not. I even did my own search to find out what commando peas could possibly be, but there were no results other than this blog…. Maybe it’s going to be the new big title from one of the game publishing houses. Commando Peas – you heard it here first!

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

4 thoughts on “Weekly-ish Update #2

  1. Once again thanks for the header – Awesome.

    I do feel that our interaction had something to do it as my stats on Tuesday hit a high of 39 but yesterday it exploded with 82 (where did that come from and already today I’m at 30 and its only just gone 9.30am)

    I am making more comments on other blogs in respect of issues that I feel worth of a comment and this is 2 fold.

    1. Get into the blogging and read what people have to say
    2. By me posting comments it opens up my site to new people who may have interest in what I say and gives me more readers.

    • It’s odd that we would both have such a huge spike on the same day. The traffic here was almost double that of the day before.

      And you’re right – you’ve got to be seen to be seen! I’ve had a look at some of the other MW2 blogs and posted on a couple – although I’m not even sure if those blogs are active….

  2. I’ve been tempted to ditch cold blooded too, but it’s just so handy when UAVs go up and air support is raining down. ‘Course using a silenced UMP might have something to do with my lack of “stopping power” too!

    dvotee – some of your hits may come from the global tags pages here on WordPress.com. For some reason I kept getting hits from page 7 of the “mw2” tag a few days ago..

    • The thing is, if you switch Cold Blooded for Stopping Power and get it to Pro level then you can easily shoot down the UAVs anyway. The downside being all other airsupport 😦

      I still keep a stealth class, and ofcourse the Anti-Air class so it’s not like Cold Blooded is out the window as it is very important (to me at least).

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