Mario Kart Wii – I’m disappointed

My daughter has been playing Mario Kart Double Dash for the GameCube on the Wii – it’s one of the games she originaly had on the GameCube and due to the Wii’s backwards compatibility is still accessible. It’s a fairly decent game and we’d unlocked most of the bits and pieces in game. Due to this renewed interest in the title we decided to buy her the new Mario Kart Wii as mentioned in this post. After all, the new one must be AMAZING – what with the Wii being a much newer console and having the Wii-mote and all.

It’s not.

I prefer Double Dash.

All the hype and advertising shows people having fun playing together….bollocks. If we play together and come first and second in every race we get…..nothing. Why make a family title where you can only unlock the extra stuff if you play single player? But then make it incredibly hard to unlock anything by not giving you any clues as to what you need to do? “Sorry kids, you can’t have any new tracks, cars or characters until I’ve gotten Rank A on every race for you, so come back in about 60 play hours okay…..”

I think Blur might be the next racing purchase after all.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Mario Kart Wii – I’m disappointed

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