Pyrotoz, Call of Duty Classic, What am I doing wrong? And a poll…

Pyrotoz has got his new PS3.

Call of Duty Classic
Earlier today while the littlest one had a snooze I decided to have a go of Call of Duty Classic – or Call of Duty as it was called back in the day. I got it free as part of the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 2. When Call of Duty came out on the PC it was fantastic. I wasn’t the best player, but I could certainly hold my own. At the time (2003) this was the Medal of Honor:Allied Assault killer. It was almost revolutionary – it probably was. This was the first time that I had played the multiplayer on a console.

It was horrible. I couldn’t work out how to get my character to run, couldn’t aim, every time I tried to throw a grenade I’d swap to my pistol. It was an ugly clunky nightmare. If I was playing with a keyboard and mouse then I’m sure I would have done much better, but I was cannon fodder. Worse still was that it wasn’t as pretty as I remember it…..dang it was ugly. I’ll blame that on the console port – it’s a good excuse.

So here’s my top tip – if you remember something through rose tinted glasses, don’t take them off to have a better look.

What am I doing wrong?

I know I’m not the only one having a bad run of it at the moment. But what am I doing so wrong in Modern Warfare 2? Either I’m getting worse, or the other players are getting much better. I’m struggling to make it to double figures most of the time. Went into Domination and even though I was capping flags I was still ending up at the bottom of the leaderboard. I had a go at Hardcore Team Death Match, but found that I was needlessly getting killed by my teammates more than the enemy were killing me. Spending more time waiting to respawn than actually playing is not really my idea of fun.

It seems that no matter what I’m doing at the moment I’m getting completely mullered left, right and centre. I could of course just load up a Scar-H/Spas-12 combo with Stopping Power and all that and probably do a bit better, but I want to level up the guns as they come – not rely on one loadout. Which brings me on to the FAL….. Using the Holographic sight on that makes it a beast, but I unlocked the Acog scope (which you need to use to unlock the Thermal scope) and all of a sudden it’s a pea shooter! Even with Stopping Power. And I don’t seem to be able to hit the broad side of a bus with that scope either.

When you watch videos on YouTube it seems like they simply have to go to one place and the enemy just come to them like a shooting range. I try that and I either don’t see anyone for the whole match or some wannabe MLGPro decides to make me his bitch. Why can’t I find these games where all the ducks line up in a row?

Sorry to moan, but it’s doing my head right in (and this is with a break from the game!).

And the poll….
On average I post three things per day. It’s not a target or some sort of ploy to spam the wordpress feed (hmmmm, now there’s a thought….), it’s just the way it goes. Something will pop into my head, or I’ll see something and so I blog it. Then I’ll see something else and blog that too like some sort of ADHD OCD Magpie. Occasionally I’ll get my act together, have a couple of things in mind and post them all together. The only exception to the sporadic posting is the Weekly-ish Update when I condense the goings on into one post.

So here’s the question – would you prefer one massive post, or the current multiple posts? The reason I ask is that I see that there are people subscribed and the last thing I want is for you to get a number of email notifications and think “Bloody hell, does this guy ever shut up?!”

Thanks all

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Pyrotoz, Call of Duty Classic, What am I doing wrong? And a poll…

  1. I have a photoblog. Up until January 1st this year I posted religiously to it every single day (for more than 4 years). It was like a chain around my neck. It wasn’t as if I was getting comments on all the new ones from an adoring public. Most didn’t get any reaction. So I cut back. Now it’s at most once every 3 days, and more likely longer.

    It’s your blog, you should post at a rate that’s comfortable for you.

    • I don’t have a mission to post every day – chances are there will come a time when I start to run out steam and the posts become less regular. My concern was filling inboxes with notifications.

      Although it is “my” blog, it’s not private and it’s on the internet so as far as I’m concerned everyone who reads it has a stake in it – and the people like you who get involved definitely have a say as to how certain things are done.

      That’s what I think about it anyway.

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