Roflcopter (BFBC2)

In Geoff’s Battle Field Bad Company 2 video he shows how to use the helicopter (amongst other things) to great effect – especially flying anti-clockwise to protect you as the pilot from sniper fire, and utilising the roll and yaw to give your gunner a better view of the battlefield:

All very cool. But there’s something that’s been missed. A little known phenomenon called ‘The Sandy Ravage Effect’. Obviously the chances of encountering this are small – but it is still a real possibility (especially if you are playing on Xbox) and a danger to all air based travel in game.

So what about The Sandy Ravage effect? Doesn’t that only happen to nuke boosters on Modern Warfare 2?

Well that’s what I thought too……

Turn your sound off if you don’t like heavy metal or swearing in songs.

Seems like The Sandy Ravage is actually B.A. Baracus, prefers to keep his feet on the ground and hates helicopters.

(it was only when I captured this still that I noticed that the Snicker flingers are made up of garden forks!)

Watch out Geoff!

Peas and loaves

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2 thoughts on “Roflcopter (BFBC2)

  1. You beat me to it. I watched Sandy Ravage’s montage this morning and was going to blog it later. Amazing work. My best vehicle destruction so far has been a few tanks which is very satisfying.

    • The Sandy Ravage is a beast when it comes to shooting down air support with the RPG. There’s a vid on YouTube where makes an almost impossible leading shot on a Pave Low with the RPG-7. Very impressive. But, you know……still a montage.

      And you should definitely still blog it! You actually play BFBC2….I just watch through the window with my face pressed up to the glass 😉

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