The FAL – how many ways do I love thee?


Modern Warfare 2 and I were not friends. The FAL and I had a lovers tiff. It just wasn’t performing for me the way it used to and I started to suspect there was someone else. But it was all me. I’d been using the Acog scope as I’m levelling the gun up and it was awful for two reasons – 1: the Acog scope is awful, 2: I’m awful with the Acog scope.

I was also having a bit of a bad run of games so our relationship had gotten a bit rocky. Once I had enough kills to unlock the Thermal Scope the Acog was gone! And on with the Thermal Scope? Not likely! I wanted it back how it was before. I wanted the romance and the sunsets back in our lives. So we slipped away to the sun drenched valley of Afghan where I kitted my beloved FAL out in a slinky little blinged out silencer and holographic sight combo.

We rocked that party. It was just like old times.

Okay, I know that the FAL is not for everyone, and it’s far from ideal in a close quarters situation, but given the right conditions it is a god. The single fire rate is the most off putting thing about the FAL, especially if you are someone who likes to rush. But with practice you can get your trigger finger up to itchy tasty speed. Personally, I prefer a kick arse secondary (or shotgun attachment) for those times when I get into enclosed spaces – but this is a FAL love in, not a secondary woot-fest.

There are two things that make the FAL special – accuracy and power. It is the most powerful assault rifle in the game, but is underused because you can’t walk into a room and spray with it. What it lacks in sprayability it makes up for in taking peoples heads off from across the map. Plus, when you attach the holographic sight you get an extra damage boost which turns it into a two shot killer. Don’t believe me? Are my words not good enough for you? “Pics or it didn’t happen!” I hear you say!? Well, okay I don’t have any footage of me using it, so allow me to direct you to Geoff’s (sasbenjr) FAL expose video:

After I prestiged, that video made me decide to really put some time and effort in to the FAL, and I’m glad I did. The fact it is single shot means that I actually have to take my time and get my aim on before firing a shot so using it has made me a better player (one step up from really rubbish).

Ideally I want to get as far as the extended mags for it – but we’ll see how that goes. I’m glad I went back to the FAL and broke my losing streak 🙂

Peas and loaves.

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