Infinity Ward Demo of the MW2 Stimulus Pack

To be honest, I was expecting a bit more detail about the maps…..
If this was the only demo of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 stimulus pack then I’d be thinking two things:

1 – they saw Heavy Rain and took their titling cues from that
2 – …..”hmm doesn’t seem worth the money” to buy five maps where you’re fighting two feet away from the enemy (like ‘Rust’ or ‘Shipment’ from Call of Duty 4).

So thankfully, and I already posted about this one, there is a better more rounded view of the map pack available:

With the amount of grumblings about the cost of the stimulus pack you’d think that Infinity Ward would be really pushing the boat out in the marketing of this. Or maybe they’ve decided that “less is more” is a suitable strategy. Or perhaps they know that even without advertising the map pack is probably going to be the biggest DLC seller this quarter, if not, this year.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Ward Demo of the MW2 Stimulus Pack

    • Apparently, I’m extremely mapathetic according to that test. But I’m not – there’s still loads of places I don’t go to on maps as I don’t know how to effectively survive there. The DLC will be nice, but as I got the game late I still enjoy the current maps.

      And I literally just replied to your email – I was going to reply yesterday…..

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