Blinkin’ Linkin’ Knifin’ Special!

It’s been an awesome couple of days for me, this blog, YouTube and the world in general.

Geoff (sasbenjr) has put the links to both this blog and also Donncha’s in his latests vids which is absolutely amazing. Obviously that means that me and Geoff are totally BFF! Or at least we will be as soon as the judge comes to his senses and quashes the restraining order. In the mean time, I’ll post Geoff’s video from 100 yards away just like the stupid bit of paper says….

BFBC2 tips – cool and the gang, especially the guy pretending to be a police car on Nelson. I think I’m going to have to get Battle Field Bad Company 2 at some point and increase the number of titles in which I get to see a whole lot of killcam. If you haven’t already checked out Geoff’s channel then I highly recommend you do.

Talking of Donncha – he got the scoop on the return of OnlyUseMeBlade in this post. I’d previously posted about OnlyUseMeBlade’s new job that was likely to put him out of action for the forseeable future. Honestly I thought that was the end of OnlyUseMeBlade’s channel. Although I was happy that he was moving onwards and upwards I was a bit sad that his commentaries were probably over. OnlyUseMeBlade fills a gap in the whole YouTube commentary community – he’s always upbeat, doesn’t take it too seriously or complains, and …..only knifes. Some people don’t like him because apparently he started “the craze” for commando and knifing. I think blaming people using Commando on Blade is completely unfair. Especially as Blade continually calls Commando cheap. If there wasn’t any YouTube, or OnlyUseMeBlade, there would still be people running around with the knife.

And on the subject of knifing/commando. I was watching a dual commentary between xBrZz and Tejb when I noticed at the beginning what appears to be a Commando Fail! This interested me because it’s been reported that commando has been tweaked to make it less invincible. What I’d like to know is if the knifing animation hits you – do you die? xBrZz get’s the +50 for the kill at the beginning of the lunge, but the death animation does not start until the lunge is complete. I’ve seen video of commando being killed in a face on attack, but in my experience I’ve ended up knifed. This leads me to believe that although Commando has been adjusted there is still a level of invincibility applicable during the lunge – if your bullets don’t hit at the beginning of the lunge then I think you’ve had your chips.
(commentary audio has been stripped)

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “Blinkin’ Linkin’ Knifin’ Special!

  1. 100 yards. haha πŸ™‚

    I couldn’t watch the last video. It’s private, but it reminded me of an almost-fail when knifing in Bad Company 2.

    Two of my squad (Eddie and the French guy) had been killed by someone really close by and he hadn’t seen me. I managed to sneak up on him and tried to knife him, missed, he heard me and moved, I knifed again, and missed, and again, and finally got him!
    The funny thing is, Eddie was watching the whole time so I had an audience and he commented that, “it took you ages to get that guy” πŸ˜‰

    I think I had time to revive my squad mates too. Go me!

    • As Geoff said – just get the kill. Knifing is where all the cool kids are at, but for us older peeps it makes more sense to spray wildly at the enenmy πŸ˜€

      Can you see the video now? I just made it public as the YouTube private share and WordPress aren’t friends.

  2. I’ve recopied the embed information so it “should” now be visible……
    I can’t blame YouTube for doing what it’s told. I should stop trying to be clever with the technologies πŸ˜€

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