FFA Karachi Tactics – just for me :)

I got chatting with Geminitex through the comments on one for Geoff’s (sasbenjr) videos. It was the video about switching between FPS games and the discussions were about what people do to get back in the flow. Geminitex posted some good tips and I mentioned about how rubbish I am. The advice was that I should try Free For All (FFA) to hone my “skills”.

Having previously tried FFA I can confirm that I am the best team player in FFA. I help other people win through my unique mix of poor judgement, impatience and rubbish aim. When people say that FFA is good for pwning noobs, they’re actually talking about me. Admittedly, I’ve played less than a dozen FFA games, but considering that I barely make it to single figures is probably a hint that FFA is not the best choice.

But Geminitex has created a special tactics video with me in mind – which is nice – and after watching it I was amazed at the simplicity of the concepts. I don’t get a great deal of time to play online compared to some people out there which means that generally my tactics concentrate on not getting killed rather than creating killzones. However Geminitex’s video shows some effective strategies for placing sentry guns and posting sentry guns in order to pwn some noobs.

Check it out:

The only issue for me is the five kill streak – in my experience of FFA the other players tend to suicide rush so maybe Hardline would be an option for Perk 2. Although I’ll certainly give the loadout mentioned a try, personally I’d use a silenced MP5K and Spas-12 for the area lockdown as the MP5K has a higher TTK (Time to Kill) than the Tar-21 – another good alternative would be the P-90 due to its large clip size (and with Scavenger it’s not that big a deal if you waste most of a clip wildly spraying at the enemy).

So thanks Geminitex for thinking of me. I’m sure these tips will come in useful for me and others.

Peas and loaves

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8 thoughts on “FFA Karachi Tactics – just for me :)

  1. Wow, that’s neat. Those sentry gun placements should be suitable for other game types too. Of course getting the 5 kill streak is the hard bit isn’t it?

    • Pitch up your tent, crack open the claymores and the five will be yours.

      I’ve found that having an unsilenced secondary works wonders for luring people in if you’re not getting any traffic. A few shots in the air and it’s marshmallow time!

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  3. Oooh, I feel so famous now =)

    Thanks for the exposure mate, I really appreciate it. And you can switch up the setup, its no hard-and-fast rule. I just wanted to show what I use for such a tactic, its open to change and individual play style

    • Tar-21 and Stopping Power are definitely a good combination – I was just throwing out alternatives. Sometimes Stopping Power seems like the only thing that works no matter how much you shoot someone.

    • TL:DR…..I’m pre-MTV so I have the attention span of a mountain range 😉

      Great post by the way – you’ve presented Hardline in a way that I’ve never seen before, nor people may have thought about.

      And pie charts too!

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