How Montage Clips are Made….or not

I was watching this video from MuzzaFuzza. It’s a Modern Warfare 2 Search and Destroy match on Afghan – a game mode that I don’t tend to play as I don’t have the time to wait three minutes to respawn. It’s got some great gameplay and commentary although I think that the opposing team were seriously outclassed.

The whole video is a good watch – Muzza does a great job on his commentary and gives a lot of information. But the best bit is the montage clip effort at timecode 2:17. Effort – yes, success – not so good. Despite Muzza and his team-mate making multiple attempts at shooting the last guy 360-jump-shot-montage style they don’t get him……and the last guy on the other team fails just as hard at shooting them….

Just watch it – words can’t do it justice:

Peas and loaves

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One thought on “How Montage Clips are Made….or not

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