BFBC2, Mario *Cheat* Kart, Donncha’s PS3, and YouTube

BFBC2 – Battlefield: Bad Company 2
I picked up BFBC2 from Game yesterday for the PS3. Traded in those games I had on Ebay as it was fairly obvious they weren’t going to sell on there – even for a tenner each. I’d worked out that after paying Ebay twice (once for the final valuation fee, then again to withdraw the cash from Paypal) I would probably end up with as much as the trade in price….so to avoid the inevitable bag o’ crap that occurs when selling on Ebay I saved myself the hassle.

How is it? Am I enjoying it? Do I prefer it to MW2?……..Don’t know. It’s still sitting in the cellophane wrapper on the TV table. Hopefully I’ll get on there later tonight.

Unfortunately, BFBC2 means that the Hauppage Fund has taken a hit. For the last time I hope.

Mario *Cheat* Kart
Regular readers will be aware of my views on cheating. If you’re not then check this post, and this one. You may or may not be aware of my love/hate hate/loath relationship with Mario Kart Wii. If you missed those posts then you can find them here and here. Well, my Nintendo Fanboy Mike sent me a text earlier asking if I fancied getting destroyed on Mario Kart Wii again. Glutton for punishment as I am I agreed.

After a couple of one on one races he takes us to the big bad world……which shouldn’t be that bad as this is everyone’s favourite cuddly plumber and chums. The first couple of races were pretty fun actually. 8 – 10 people of varying levels of incompetence is alright. I even managed to come in at a blistering fifth place!

But then something unusual happened. We drive off the line and from behind someone all sparkly with the “doo doo doo do doo do doodoo” music comes barrelling through…… hang on a minute – we’re not even in to the first corner and haven’t passed any boxes so how are they all sparkly and musical? They were sparkly and musical for the entire race – or as I prefer to call it: cheating. I’ve seen it all now – how pathetic do you have to be to cheat on Mario Kart?! “Mario” and “Cheating” are two words that shouldn’t be in the same sentence. I didn’t think it was even possible to cheat on the Wii, but obviously I was wrong…… and it’s put me off that stupid game and console even more than I was before.

Amusingly, and in keeping with my ‘cheating = wanking’ analogy, the cheat’s name was Richard….. yup a Dick.

Donncha’s PS3
It looks like it’s all systems are go – bar a cable – for Donncha and his PS3. He’s already got some BFBC2 games in, so hopefully we can get in a squad and he can act as a human shield show me the ropes.

This is literally just a couple of quick things that some people may not be aware of when viewing or uploading to YouTube.
Viewing: On some videos, especially those by Machinima, there are adverts. You can close them off in many cases. However, if you have control of the browser you are using you can do away with them altogether. I don’t know if there are similar add-ons for other browsers but I’m using AdBlock Plus on FireFox – both of which you can get for no monies!

Machinima YouTube video in Google Chrome

The same video in FireFox with AdBlocker Plus

On the subject of FireFox add-ons and YouTube, if you ever feel the need to download a video from there you can use any of a whole host of add-ons available for that very purpose. I’ve been trying to work out which add-on I use, but they pretty much all do the same thing.

And lastly for YouTube – uploading. I know Geoff does it, I do it and a couple of other people do it – but one thing that a lot of people don’t do when uploading videos is to set their work to ‘Private’ until it has finished processing. Even Machinima doesn’t do it which is quite surprising – but is also the reason why the first 20 or so messages on their uploads are always along the lines of “Quality sucks…”.

A couple of uploaders said that doing this messes with the subscription visibility for their subscribers, but I suspect that they chose the Private option after it had completed the upload. The Private option needs to be chosen and saved before the upload completes.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

7 thoughts on “BFBC2, Mario *Cheat* Kart, Donncha’s PS3, and YouTube

  1. The composite video cable will have to do for about a week, but should be ok as a medic in BC2. At least I can drop health packs to help squad and team mates! 🙂

    On for a few games tonight then? I should be online after 9pm. Try being a medic first. You won’t even have access to a health but you’ll unlock it about halfway to rank 1.

    • No mic on. I didn’t think to charge my bluetooth. I could hear you, but it was quiet most of the time due to my speaker set up – thanks for the warning on a couple of occasions and ALL the revives 🙂

      Blog report on this very soon…..

      • I look forward to it! Check out the stats. My stats there haven’t updated yet but for around the same length of play your KDR and Win/Loss ratio trounces mine.

        I really should not rush in and attack so much…

  2. You’ve got a much higher Squad and Objective score – that’s where the real skill is. I was playing it a bit lone wolf as I didn’t know what was going on half the time and the instruction book might as well be blank. Plus, despite being a medic I couldn’t work out how to be of any use as I didn’t seem to have access to the med packs…even after I unlocked them at the end of the last match.

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