BFBC2 – First Impressions….

Okay, this is my second time writing this as the first ran to over a thousand words without me really saying anything. Nobody has enough time to read something that long, so here it is in a nutshell.

Honestly, when I first loaded it up and found myself in a game with a load of random mic abusers I considered going back to Modern Warfare 2 but when I finally got in a game with Donncha it was much more peachy. Although I didn’t have a mic on and couldn’t hear most of what Donncha was saying because of my speaker setup, being in a non-random squad made a BIG difference to the game experience.

It gets frustrating is trying to join someone else’s game though. Despite having invites from Donncha I kept getting Server Full messages, and the same was happening when I attempted to join Geoff’s game. I even tried to create my own squad and invited Donncha to that……but nothing. Thank goodness I eventually bagged an open slot from one of his invites.

Although I was lone wolfing it a lot of the time as I tried to familiarise myself with the game, controls and terrain he stuck by me and even saved me time and again with “Watch out Dave” coming through the speakers. The many revives were also very welcome. I would have returned the favour, but even after unlocking the med pack I still can’t work out how to equip or use them.

Unlike every other first person shooter game out there, there was no training on the weapons or equipment. I know it’s just a game, but come on, no one in their right mind sends someone in to battle without at least telling them what the equipment is for! Lucky I’m so awesome that I’m an expert at everything – especially flying a Blackhawk backwards into the terrain (good job I was the only idiot onboard).

Despite that BFBC2 is awesome.

I’m not going to compare it to Modern Warfare 2 as they are two completely different games.

It is a difficult game for the new player as you really are severely handicapped – not just in relation to map knowledge, but also in the access to weapons and gadgets. You start out with the equivalent of a damp towel to use in the battle against a much heavily armed and armoured enemy.

But BFBC2 looks great and sounds good too and the vehicles are definitely a lot of fun. The quad is particularly spicy, boats and jets skis are fun – except for the firey death when you drive them up the terrain and into a building. I didn’t really get that much time in the tanks although the poor guy who decided to hop in one with me must have thought I was some sort of crazy as I tested out its capabilities on the nearest near vertical slope.

The UAV and helicopters are another bundle of giggles. Although it would be nice if at least one of the people who hop in to a helicopter with me was an engineer – that way I wouldn’t have to leave them at altitude when the damned thing gets down to two health. Thanks goodness for parachutes.

One issue I have with this game – and this goes for all developers: getting stuck on the terrain! I’m supposed to be a double hard kick arse military grade killing machine and I get baffled by a twig!? But that’s a minor annoyance.

Now here’s a couple of questions for those of you who’ve been playing this game for a while:

  • How do you mute other players?
  • How do you equip and use gadgets like the medpack?
  • Does bullet damage reduce over distance?
  • Why is my LMG not as powerful as my pistol?

I thought I had the mute thing sorted until out of the blue some guy began giving his wife technical support about her iPhone. I felt really privileged to be a part of such a beautiful thing……

Sniping is very easy in this game as there is basically no sway in the sights – you do have to account for bullet drop, but even that is less than I was expecting. When I first attempted sniping I was jigging the right stick as I normally would do to combat the sway and it was all over the place until I realised it wasn’t necessary. Personally, I would like to see idle sway added. They had idle sway in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault back in 2002…..

And why is there no prone? Not that I’d be dropshotting in this game, but it seems a pretty major omission. Perhaps they didn’t want to get the uniforms dirty.

I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot more about BFBC2.

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “BFBC2 – First Impressions….

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  2. I managed to join Geoff’s game but it was Squad TDM and I’m pretty sure I was the lowest ranked player there so after being killed 2 or 3 times I retreated to Rush.

    I need more practice with the PS3 controller, need a component cable, and would prefer to have unlocked some better weapons before I go up against them again!

    • Were you on the opposite side to Geoff and his Dominators? That would be tough, they’re pretty switched on and watching Geoff’s vids they have a lot of communication going on.

      I think the guys using the tag 8BC or BBC (couldn’t make it out) were doing the communicate to dominate tactic when we were playing.

      • Yup, Geoff was in another squad. I saw his name pop up on the kill log 😉

        I think you’re right about those bbc guys. I think there was only 2 of them? They killed me several times!

        I’m going to take a break from gaming tonight, even with the map pack out today. I need one good night’s sleep. I swear, I had a dream about a building falling over on it’s side and I tried to get out. It was only when I woke up I remembered I was thinking about one of the bomb sites collapsing on me in one of our games. I was killed by “demolition 2.0” and it stuck in my head!

  3. As far as I could tell there were only two of them, but they seemed to be everywhere.

    As for taking a break, yesterday was the first time I’d been on the PS3 for about three or four days. But you know it’s time to take a break when you’re yelling out call signs in your sleep.


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