Nerf off!

The subject of “nerfing” weapons has been one that has perplexed and annoyed me for a while now. This is basically the life cycle of in game weapons:

  • Game comes out
  • People play game
  • People find a gun that is more effective than the others
  • Said gun gets popular
  • The people who can’t/don’t/won’t use the gun complain that it makes the game unbalanced
  • The developers patch weapon
  • All weapons become wet towels

The thing is, these games are supposed to be going for a certain amount of realism. Well guess what? In real life weapons are not balanced. If you get hit by a round from the Barrett .50 calibre rifle you’re either going to be dead, or looking for half price deals on gloves or shoes.

In Geoff’s latest video he mentions that a number of guns in BFBC2 are going to be “nerfed”. Why? Because they are more powerful than others? But that’s the way it should be, or rather – that’s life baby! If a gun is powerful then you should use it, if you choose not to use it then you shouldn’t really complain when someone opts for the quick kill option. It’s not really rocket science to work out that people are going to use the most effective weapon. It’s lunacy to willingly choose the weakest gun in the game except for some masochistic purpose.

As a new player to the game, every weapon other than the wet towel I’ve been given is more powerful and effective – but I’m not complaining. I know that when I level up I’ll have more weapon choice. If I wanted to play a game where everyone had equally powerful weapons then I’d play Ogga Ugg Banga Whack Whack!

The Most Balanced Game Never Made

There will always be an imbalance because people are of differing skill levels. The uber-1337 players soon get fed up using the “overpowered” weapons and switch to something that presents more of a challenge for them. The rubbish players eventually manage to level up enough to get their grubby little hands on the holy grail of shooting only to find that actually it’s not the gun that makes the player and they spend just as much time dead with the mega-weapon as they did with the peashooter. Nerfing weapons doesn’t solve a game imbalance, it just appeases the complainers – who will then go on and complain about the next most powerful weapon.

So come on people, stop nerfing stuff. It doesn’t solve anything, it just makes everyone switch to the next “overpowered” gun until we’re all running around with the custard guns from Bugsy Malone.

Nerf Off!

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “Nerf off!

  1. The infamous nerf!!!!!

    I can only speak about this in respect of my WOW experience and this is not so much in respect of weapons but to do with ‘class’ specific nerfs.

    For instance when I played my Hunter a talent that was widely used was called ‘Beast Mastery’ whereby your pet would deal out most of your damage. We quickly became a very powerful class through utilising all the skills we had so Blizzard nerfed this spec so much that no one really plays it now, except for having the ability to ‘tame’ rare pets, which requires beast mastery.

    I do feel that these are necessary but the nerf should only happen to bring something down to everyone else’s level if it can be justified. ‘BM’ is a talent whereby the pet does the damage but they nerfed it too much, the pet lost approximately 40-50% damage = useless.

    Now in respect of this game type I agree with you. A lot of the time it comes down to how you play, your aim, your utilisation of what you have and how can you realistically nerf a gun. It does the damge it does or am I totally mis understanding what you are saying.

  2. Nerfing has its place. It’s probably not BC2. I knew there was a patch coming but I thought they were going to make some of the weapons *more* powerful to compensate for them basically sucking ass.

    But when you look at MW2 there are several parts of the game that are flat out annoying and turning people off of it. The grenade launchers are too good, Danger Close makes them ridiculous, and Scavenger/One Man Army give you infinite of them. It’s game-breakingly bad. Then you have the stupid, stupid ACR with zero recoil, Commando noobs completely nullifying the SMGs in terms of usefulness, and everyone just camping their asses off to get the kill streak rewards and let them do the work. So, so many players don’t even bother to play the gametypes; they just go for a high KDR as if every game is TDM. Doesn’t matter if they lose the game so long as they go 40-10 because of their air support.

    MW2 is broken and certain things are in dire need of nerfing. Damn near all of my deaths are from only a few things: air support, ACR, UMP, noob tube, and Commando bullshit. That list is basically what MW2 is. Air support, ACR, UMP, noob tube, Commando. Over and over and over.

  3. Some good points but certain weapons do need to be patched. One i can remember was the MP40 on World at War complete joke i gave up on that games multi player.
    Everyone not just one or two in the lobby everyone was using MP40 with Dual Magazines totally ruined the game? Call of Duty 4 seems the only one that got it almost 100% right perks and weapons wise..

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