Cheating Hits the Frag Cup…..

And it’s only round one!

I don’t really follow the Frag Cup but this is a fairly major turn of events.

Team OpTiC have been disqualified after it was shown that their player DTreats had hacked attributes. After my posts here and here and disappointment with all on the subject of cheating and boosting it is nice to see that there is still hope out there, and that not “everyone wants to cheat”.

Here’s the Machinima Respawn where Sark and Hutch reference DTreats cheating – although I think they were a little harsh accusing him of using an aimbot….

Here’s the game footage:

He has a hacked gamefile, that is for sure, and as high profile as this is I’d imagine XBL/Microsoft will be wielding the ban hammer in his direction some time soon.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of people out there who are attempting to excuse DTreats with various arguments based along the the line of “he shouldn’t be DQ’d because having a fourth kill streak didn’t help him in a non-killstreak game….”. Well, that’s really not the point – he broke the rules of the tourney therefor his team gets disqualified – and not getting the benefit in a tourney doesn’t mean that he isn’t cheating in public games WHICH IS EVEN WORSE!

But worse still is the fact that OpTiC would allow people into their fold who employ cheats and mods. As far as I was aware OpTiC were/are pretty major and like to show how 1337 they are, yet at least one of them flushes his integrity down the toilet with hacked lobby shennanigans. It makes you think – are they the best because of their 1337 skillz, or are they top because they cheat? In this years Frag Cup we’ll never know.

Stupidity at its finest.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Cheating Hits the Frag Cup…..

  1. One of the comments on the game video suggested he used an aimbot. Remember when he started shooting at a wall? Either he has sharp hearing and heard the guy running through a wall, or something helped him…

    • When I watched it I did notice it, but it was towards the end of the game and I think he was just having a bit of a mess around and going for epic wallbang montage clips.

      The first guy he starts shooting through the wall – his team mate was already shooting at him through the other doorway and he could easily have heard the other guys footsteps (or worked out which way he was going). The others, he’s shooting at the first floor floor through the ceiling – he can probably hear the footsteps up there.

      I’ve watched the video a couple of times, and in my experience he’s not using an aimbot. They don’t miss like that, and only trigger on line of sight. If he was wallhacking then you wouldn’t see any walls in the video feed.

      I think the whole “Aimbot!??!?” thing came from OpTiC themselves when at timecode 8.50 Birdman and Vivo are wooting it up about some shot one of them made.

      But that’s the way it goes – DTreats got caught with one form of cheat and so he’s going to be labelled for using every other kind of cheat out there. I really hope that this serves as a bitter lesson for him, and a blistering example for others as to what can happen when you cheat.

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