Quick Blog Update

This is just a quicky.

Three to Watch Week 6
Three to watch is not likely to be ready by the end of today (Wednesday) as I’ve not had time to put it together this week, plus I only managed to finalise the three peeps to be included yesterday. Unfortunately over the past week a lot of commentators, new and old, have been complaining about pretty much everything so I’ve been trying to find three people with a positive attitude.

This week the Three to Watch will be: Stonefacelock, Erik52193 and, BlackJester40

In case you missed the previous post, I now have a mic for use in BFBC2 (and maybe MW2). It’s a rather sexy GeoTech EX-01. Reasonably priced, but still a hit to the Hauppage Fund.

GeoTech EX-01

And finally…..

Freshly Pressed
Apparently the helper bunnies have been busy today as I got a message from an anonymous source telling me to check out the front page of wordpress.com. It’s not a page that I generally look at even though it is where this blog is hosted so I was surprised to see this:

The best of 288,630 bloggers?

Wahey! Thank you helper bunny, may all your carroty dreams come true.

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Blog Update

    • Yup, it was a very nice surprise. Big boost to views too. And with increased traffic comes increased responsibility. And by responsibility, I mean spam.

      Good to get a bit of proper chat going on. Just a shame that I’m so rubbish at the game 😦

      And I hope there wasn’t too much mic abuse coming from my end. I was trying to make sure the mic was muted when I wasn’t talking.

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