Game Results 02-04-2010

No Modern Warfare 2 unfortunately. I really need to level up in BFBC2 otherwise I’m no good to anyone.

I played a couple of games of Squad Deathmatch and increased my Engineer score, so I now have the fix it wrench tool thingy and I also unlocked the Scar-L (but haven’t used it). The stats are the same for the Scar-L as the Avtomat – is the only difference the clip size? I’d like to offer a quick recommendation – when there are some pesky snipers on top of a hill, save your legs – use an RPG-7 instead! Snipers go BOOM! It works on tanks too.

I’m now a third of the way through level 4.
Assault: +190
Engineer: +2509
Recon: +620
Medic: +13696
Vehicle: +2090

K/D – 0.65 (oh yeah! I’m Pro.)

I even used the mic to warn a complete stranger on my team about enemy encroachments on his position a number of times. That helped him, would have been nice if he’d returned the favour though….

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

3 thoughts on “Game Results 02-04-2010

  1. Haha, even though I’m still half asleep this morning I laughed at the rocket advise. I think I killed someone at point blank range with one once as he caught me by surprise, and took out a soldier sneaking around our base when I was trying to get Geoff in his tank the other night.

    Gotta use what you have in your hands!

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